Tuesday, May 8, 2012

On We Go...

Well, I guess this thing still goes on, even though on a day like today I have nothing to write... as usual.  Coffee is done though, so lemme go get some.  :)   Not really a lot on my mind to be honest, and yesterday was a total Monday's Monday.  I felt like I had a cloud over me the whole day.  I rode my bike home in the rain, and that was about the highlight of the day.  I had a couple beers, napped, ate dinner, and went to bed.  As uneventful and boring as you can get.  I read like 10 blogs and commented on 1.  Those who know me the ratio is usually opposite of that.  Why??  Not sure, I think because it was a Monday Monday.

Those who also read this, know I am not training for anything, but still trying to keep up a 20-25 mile base, just in case.  I almost thought of trying to be disciplined again, and maybe train for something.  I was motivated for just a brief time, but woke up yesterday unmotivated again.  I am not going to force something on myself though you know??  The drive isn't there right now, but that doesn't mean it won't come back, so I best stay active.  Maybe that is something about me too, is there is no need to force something on myself.  I think exercise is a good and smart thing to do, so I do it, and I like it, but if I am not into "training" then not going to force it on myself.  To be honest though today will be a great day, because I plan on running to work and back.  That gives me 7 miles of running in, and being done when I get home from my run home.  The bike/run commute is great, because there is something special about running or biking as transportation as opposed to just doing it.  Don't ask me why, but it gives you just a little something more. 

I am thinking marathon training for me is over.  I like the challenge, but I don't have enough faith in my ability to stay injury free.  I was thinking this morning I ran 5 marathons, and you know only one of them was really good.  I trained for like 9 of them too or something and like 4 I didn't even stay healthy for.  10% success rate??  So if I start training again, and if I do it will be when the weather makes me smile, it will definitely be something shorter. 

Guess that is it.  Hope everyone has a Great day.  :) 


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