Thursday, May 3, 2012

No Boundaries...

Well first off I guess I should say I am pretty shocked at the turn this blog made.  One thing you could count on day after day was the signature.  Every day I blogged it was there.  I think it strange strange strange it left.  I think I know why though, because maybe you have been following along on this thing, trying to get answers etc...  Your journey in life is personal.  It is a solo affair in ways, even if you are married and whatever.  When you breath your last it is you who are dieing.  No one else, and it is your life, and you do things.  There are no excuses in life, like society led me to be this way or whatever.  Your life is all about you.  So I think in a way you have been set free to find your own answers, because that is what life is about anyway. 

You all have been searching for newer frontiers.  More art, more PR's at whatever race you run, and I think you should search the endless boundaries of yourself.  From what I read of blogs you don't know you, and maybe you don't really want to know you, because there is darkness in all of us, and maybe we don't want to know what that is, and maybe we don't want share, but it is one life.  Maybe some would say why would I??  I say why the hell would you not??  One life baby, let the hair down go crazy, and find out who you are.  You ain't even scratched the surface yet.  You have been pushing the distances in physically where you travel, and all the answers you search for are within yourself.  Courage is there, even if you don't feel it.  You will be given all you need. 

You will have to weed through your anger, and jealousies, and hatreds, and all that other junk that we are made up of, and under that is you.  In other words what you do in life is pointless.  Your careers etc.. don't mean squat.  I hope you like what you are doing, because that is a plus.  Not many have, but You will be traveling through Galaxies within yourself to find out who you are. 

Always trust trust trust, cuz I surely don't know your journey, and what it entails, but trust you are being led in a good way.  You know??  

Have a good one all.   :) 

I love Doreen too.   :)    LOL



Anonymous said...

love you too Steve! xoxo

Christi said...

I am staring at my life and my soul everyday trying to figure out this thing called life. I think I finally figure myself out and announce it to the world and then I turn another corner. Thus, negating all that I said before. I think I don't share completely on my blog because I am not ready yet. The darkness would hurt too many people and that should be done between us and not with an audience. I find that in this time of "no work" that I am finding me and I believe I am getting better. Let's hope that is the truth and not another lie I am telling myself!

Thanks Steve!