Saturday, May 26, 2012

Dirty Laundry... GRRRRRRR!!!

Some things don't change with me.  I woke up in a bad mood today, and just from shit happening around this house.  I don't do lazy, and I am DONE DONE being a supporter of the lazy, and generally fucked up people. 

Lisa and I typically never fight, unless it is generally me being unhappy with shit in the house.  The stuff I am typically unhappy with is lazy people who fucking live here.  Lisa's Mom spent me of all my patience for those who are unwilling to at least try and help themselves.  So much so I would not let my brother Jim live with me AGAIN, and this was right prior to him having a massive coronary.  No I didn't know he was going to die, but I did get pieces from my Uncle Bob, how he FINALLY turned the corner.  Tried helping himself.  Riding a bike in the winter to trying to find a job, and shit like that. 

There is much more to the story, and it is hidden in this blog, and I am not going to re-hash, because it is weird, and some shit I had to deal with, and well we will leave it at that. 

Lisa's daughter met some dude ONLINE.  Fine.  Yeah he can stay here a couple nights or whatever.  I don't give a shit.  They have transportation issues, and Hailey doesn't do drugs and shit like that.  She has other issues though.  Here is the dilemma.  The dude is lazy.  he doesn't have a job.  He has a fucking kid.  A fucking kid???   He doesn't pay child support, and babysits on Demand, and that is the deal they worked out.  Well, a couple days of sleeping over actually in their fucking world turns into a living here.  A place I pay the bills for and I work to keep up.  Having Bullshit like that around my house does not keep me in a happy place. 

Lisa is a softie and she wants to be the "nice" person all the time, and like I learned from my brother Jim, you have to kick people in the ass sometimes.  A soon to be 21 year old and a 22 year old with a kid want to live together.  You get jobs, and find your own fucking place like the rest of the fucking world. 

Not that I am heartless.  Hailey has her best friend live here, because she really truly has a misearble home, and it really is an awful place for her to stay.  She pays rent, does her own food, and works, etc...  She has a car, and her own transportation etc...   I'll help these people out all day.  People who want things from life.  Those who want to live off others, and not help around the house unless Lisa puts a gun to her head... NOPE time to grow up.  Hailey wants a live in boyfriend, you need to make that shit happen.  It ain't happening under my roof.  I've seen too much Bullshit that leads nowhere. 

There getting that HORSESHIT off my fucking chest. 

Have a good one all.  I am going to drink my coffee, and go to work. 


There is other shit I am done with dealing with too.  See if you can guess that.  :)

HA HA.  

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Christi said...

Sorry it sucks right now. I understand where you are coming from.