Sunday, April 29, 2012

Growing Up Means Never Having To!!

So I had this great comment yesterday:

Letting go of what you think you're supposed to be and being who you are takes a lot of courage. It's the best way to live. :)

That is the truth, and maybe that is what I have been saying all alone.  All our lives we tried to do this and do that.  There is a flawed and imperfect society that would have you try to live up to its worthless standings, and you'll fail on that front, because... well there are too many Sociology majors, and worse off Business majors.  Too many people who think they are pretty dang good people, because they pluck their eye brows, and nose hairs, and wear the most "in" suits of the day.  So you are being pulled from society, and deep down there is this other person.  It is you.  This person has nothing to do with society, he/she is someone else.  This person is spiritual, and artistic, and can see s sunset or sunrise and marvel.  This person can be in nature and appreciate it.  It is a battle though, because there is that part of us that society pulls, and makes us not see that stuff, because we have to pay the fucking Electric Bill, and some Doctor bill just came in the mail.  Gas is $4/gallon and I have a commute.  I haven't had a raise in forever, and cost of living sure as hell ain't going down.  It takes a lot of courage like Chris says, because the free and imperfect person we are has no rules, but the one his/her heart follows.  

We do the shit that interests us, and follow our own voice, and sometimes when we reach 40 we still can do the stupid shit we did when we were 18, because nothing in this world really fucking matters anyway.  None of the shit you strive for within the confines of society will you give a fuck about when you are 6' under.  

It also takes courage too, because we want our heroes.  We want to put a face on someone, and say let me be like them.  That ain't the way though, because on this little journey of life we all do we are led to stand on our own two feet.  We become strong on our own, and lean on no one.  Remember those people at the bar a long time ago too.  The ones who were afraid to look at their sadness, because they didn't have enough alcohol in them.  That shit takes courage too, and support is needed there, because it is at these times where people can break.  If you open up your heart to people, and there is no support, then the #1 thing the person will think is you hate them, because they just showed your their dark side, and you left them hanging.  When a person opens up, and shows you who they are they do so with no shell of protection.  That too takes fucking courage.  

Thank you for the comments yesterday, and the likes, cuz I like that shit too.  :) 

Later!!!   :)

"Growing Up" is just a figment of your imagination.  Hopefully as you grow older you realize it is okay to still be a fucking kid.  Let your hair down go a little crazy, cuz most of the shit we do is really fucking stupid!!!   :)   HA HA

Have a good one.  

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