Friday, April 27, 2012

The Week...

I don't know what it is about this week, but I have been out of it.  I am not sure why.  I coming into Friday have a whopping 3.5 miles of running in.  A lost week, and not much I can do about it.  Just stomach it and go on.  Next week is another week.  This week ain't over either, so I can still get a couple runs in.  Don't you hate those??  The personal rainy days that come for no reason, and with no explanation.  You feel like crap, and you are pretty sure everyone in the World hates you etc...

These are times when bad decisions are made too.  Since everyone in the world hates you anyway, you tend to make mistakes.  Misread intentions etc...  I don't think we see things clearly on these days.  I just noticed yesterday too, I love doing this when I am in a good mood etc..  I am not good at telling people when I am in a bad mood.  Maybe just on here, but you know things are looking good for me.  It is true I was a bit thrown off being injured for my last 3 marathons I trained for, but my checking account is happy, as I am working more, and running less.  A negative turned into a positive.  One thing people don't understand too, is not everything for runners is about a race.  Sometimes it is just running.  I remember running into an older lady who used to run her dog.  Never saw her at any races, and she usually didn't run races, except the New Years Eve one.  She just ran. 

Even I for a couple year stretch was a ABIT.  Always be in training type of person, but other things come up.  Other things become more important, and one thing I remember is a person in training cannot understand just the runner.  Why aren't you training for your next race.  The runner is just running.  Exercise, being outside, the hipster of the running scene if you will.  That is how I am now, because I don't have any race I want to kill.  Like I said I like to be 20-25 miles, because you never know if that will come back, and when it does, I want to be ready to amp it up.  This week is a failure, but who is going to rock their own world when they have a string of internal rainy days you know??  I can always get back at it.  If I get 15 miles give or take this week, it ain't going to take much away from my fitness. 

I think I am pretty flexible in life, and it helps me adapt to most situations.  Today is Friday, and you know I already feel better.  Weather is supposed to get nice after this weekend too, so that helps.  :)

Hope you all have a fab day.  :)))

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Christi said...

I am sorry that you are having a bad week but I want to tell you something. You are not a failure! You didn't meet your running goal for this week but that will never make you a failure. Just saying!