Tuesday, April 24, 2012

This Is My Title...

Okay, so I seriously have nothing today.  I decided to take yesterday off, because I realized I ran a lot of days in a row.  It was nice having 13.6 miles in by Tuesday last week, but realized that wasn't going to be the case this week.  So a nice day off yesterday, and I will be plenty rested for our Tuesday night run tonight.  I'll have to pick up some miles here or there to get up to 27 again this week, but we'll see how the week works out.  I am not training for anything.  I am doing nothing fast, although I probably am not that slow for me right now.  I probably ain't real fast though either.  As you know this blog is not strictly about running, and training, but really about my life, and some weird things come out, but you don't even know half the weird stuff. 

I guess all our lives we feel we are good people.  We do good things, and we judge ourselves against the Hitlers and stuff like that, but really along comes this mirror, and maybe we just try and judge ourselves against us.  Everybody is like that btw.  A mirror turned toward another brings anger, and resentment, and all kindsa other things.  Why I don't know??  I think in us is anger toward people who don't try at stuff as much as we do.  Human tendency.  When we keep the mirror on us, then hopefully it is humbling.  Hopefully it helps us keep a blinder eye toward others, although our hearts will not be perfect with that. 

What good in the world is out there??  We have wars, poverty, people starving, The Advanced economies just try squeezing pennies everywhere they can.  Whether it is bank fees, or usurious interest rates with credit cards.  I haven't owned a credit card in a while, since they tried raising interest rates, after the bailouts, but aren't those things horrendous now??  A dieing industry??  Imagine if that was your career.  A bankster.   Wear your suit at Church on Sunday, and put it back on Monday for your work.  :)  

I know this is the worst blog entry ever.  I really really have not much to say.  I guess when we look at ourselves realize locker room talk is a part of us.  What good is it to talk like that in front of your friends in a way, and pretend in public you don't do that??  You know what I mean??  Who we are is who we are, and there is no point in pretending in public we are not that person.  Life is kinda humbling if you think about it.  I mean we want to wear these nice suits, and on the outside look nice, because that is what people look at, but our eyes should definitely be constantly on our inside, because that is who we really are.  Clothes ain't shit.  Our thoughts, and stuff really are who we are.  You know?? 

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p.s.  White Sox with another complete game shutout.  WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!   :)

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Congrats to your Sox!