Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Quickie...

Hey all.  I have a couple things to say I guess.  One is I am not perfect, like everyone else here on Earth.  As I told you we all have flaws.  In our life we all our lost, because we want to find something we can put all our effort in to be better people.  We want to look for the good in people to say let me be like them.  That person is not here, and that is what makes life and faith so hard.  You won't find it in the woe warned Priests in Priests clothing either. 

Even our hearts are not perfect either, meaning we are filled with love of some, but we sure hate a lot of people too.  Whatever flaws they have on the outside we judge them, and the lazy we judge, and etc...  We judge the ones with a lot of money as being good in some way, but money is not security, there are warnings of striving after wind.  You never have enough. 

People suck in how bad we are, but having the courage to show this, acknowledge it, and let others see is no easy task.  Not easy to open yourself up to judgment is it??  That is our biggest flaw too we judge.  The more we look at our thoughts it is hard to escape the Black and White Nature of us.  We cannot help it.  To have a good heart that can look past flaws really only one can do, and only he can make us be like that

Truth and Honesty will be the hardest fucking thing you do, because truth and honesty is shielded by the stuff inside us that keeps things in the shadows.  We have a little voice inside us, and it battles against our darker tendencies, and it is this little person inside us that needs to win.  Trust him/her.  He is better and stronger than you know.  The strength of this person is his/her vulnerability.  It is their fear, and their really wishing not to be trapped in the darker parts we all find ourself enslaved to.

The journey is to get to this little kid, and you have help with that, but it really ain't easy.  You have to accept fear and all kindsa other things.

Good Luck.  :)

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p.s.  going to work for a few hours, and supposed to hang out with Jacob for a bit.  We made plans a couple days ago though, so we'll see.  We both are bad at making plans in advance.  I'll get a little run in too, to end over 27 miles.  WOOOO!!!   :)

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