Friday, March 2, 2012

In Case Ya Wondering...

I am having another off week of running.  Things have been achy a bit here and there, and if given the choice... speed work or long runs, I'll take long runs.  Also after last year's shit year, I don't want to do the injured thing, so I am taking days off.  I love epic 20 mile runs, or high teen runs in shitty weather.  That shit helps me feel alive on a Saturday morning, only to feel completely drained the rest of the Saturday.  Doesn't matter.  I dig that shit, and I don't dig injuries. 

I sometimes think my body is in tune with me too.  When I am really active, I eat a lot, and am always hungry.  Since I didn't do much yesterday I ate some peanuts, and then had dinner.  Not as a diet of any sort, but I eat as I feel.  I'll eat a million calories in a day if I am hungry, and 14 calories if I am not. 

So this week when my legs felt not so great on the concrete on Wednesday morning, I decided to skip speed work.  I train for fun.  I am training for the Lansing marathon, and not even sure if I'll run it.  I like the training, and the race whatever.  I'll definitely do the Riverbank, cuz that is my fav race of all time.  This year I go by a philosophy of less is more, if it keeps me healthy and running.  

Ya dig????

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