Saturday, March 31, 2012

Truth Is A Bitch!!

Damn, can you imagine the gift??  The gift of putting down what you want, and knowing it will turn out good??  I mean gosh, I kinda felt like I threw the hammer down yesterday, saying we are all pieces of shit.  Maybe it ain't such a bad thing to hear.  We are brought up supposing to *try and be nice* all the time.  Moms and Dads are supposed to make the kids feel special.  Kids are supposed to share and say thank you.  All these fucking rules on how to be decent people, and you know Anne Frank had nice fucking manners. 

I guess I am saying look.  Look at everything about you.  Life isn't a Hitler did this, and I only do this.  Hitler survived WWI, and was pissed they lost, and then Germany went through a horrendous Depression.  You add that to a hatred of Jews, and everything, and add a taste of power, and then success, and Boom.  You got yourself a Grade A Asshole.  Life is about you.  You, and when you boil that down to what that means then maybe it is scary.  Are you who you want to be??  Do you think if you just put your mind to one thing, and do that with all your might you'll somehow end up a caring loving individual??? 

Hold on I am going to get coffee.  Now I go about doing this thing, and many times I have no understanding, and I am sometimes amazed at how bad people are at communicating.  No wonder everyone gets divorced.  They don't communicate, and if you are a couple that does everything together you are doomed to hate each other.  Guys aren't always interested in what girls do, and girls aren't always interested in what guys do.  If you pretend to be interested, than isn't that just pretend anyway?? 

Real is so straight forward, and so simple, and truth is too, you see how fucking hard it is??  Truth is daring to do what you think may not always be nice, but how about the promise.  If there is one thing you can do and know it is right 100% of the time it is being honest.  Honesty takes courage, because the truth can be seemingly mean. 

I can bitch about all kindsa things, because some people just make me sick.  I am an asshole that way.  :)  So much shit in this world is so stupid, and people are so fucked up, and they place importance on some of the most stupid shit ever.  Like this 90 year old couple buying all kindsa cleaning stuff to keep their house clean.  I mean  Puuuuhhhhleeeeezzeee.  When they are dead in a couple years no one is going to care if their house was fucking clean.  Live life a little FFS. 

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p.s.  Oh shit, you know what I am kinda a runner.  One thing I noticed not training for a marathon, I ran Thursday and Friday, and those have been days off in prep for Saturday long run.  Today I plan on running to and from work.   Woo Hoo!!!   :)    xoxo

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Christi said...

I have missed some of your posts of late. Sorry! I was in Vegas being a drunken gambler!

Have a great run!