Friday, March 30, 2012

Pullin Away...

Here is something about me.  People are people.  I know some people are still struck trying to make a name for themselves in this world, as if it matters somehow.  Like people will be reading books about it or something.  We are people, and I guess I wanna say we can be pretty o.k., but it has nothing to do with how fucking great we are.  We are not that great.  You want to show how great you are show courage.  The ability to put yourself out there for all to judge.  Not many have that do they??  You don't want to show flaws do you??  In your mind is a picture of how you think people perceive you.  That is a false view, and that is full of shit.  You need to throw that crap out, it does you more disservice than good.

I hate seeing shit where people *pretend* they are like the best family guy ever, when 1 year ago they tried killing their ex-wife with a pillow.  I mean come on.  Is that your idea of being a good parent to your kids??  Killing their mom??  FUCK THAT!!!

Being real is being honest.  It is showing all the shit we don't wanna show, cuz you Mother Fuckers are better at judging than better at being decent fucking people.

I don't judge the dude who tried to kill his wife, cuz I know some of his struggles, and it was a 2 way street, and his life he pictured, was a fairy tale, and when it blew up he snapped.  I judge him for pretending it didn't happen.  You gotta deal with the shit that makes you that FUCKED UP!!  That bullshit that made you do that is still there.

Everyone you have to ask yourself why you judge people??  Oh people believe this and believe that, and their beliefs are wrong.  Can't wait til they burn in hell. as the holier than thou fuckers are surfing porn and jacking off to who knows what???

See this path is fucking hard, because the world judges, and you have to be honest with yourself.  Being honest is being honest to everything about you.  All your hates, and judgings, and hangups.  All the stuff that makes us assholes is stuff we need to deal with.

When I say you ain't that FUCKING GREAT that goes for everyone, except maybe Doreen.   :)   I luv Doreen you know.   :)

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