Friday, August 26, 2011

Where Did The Music Go??

Well first off I did complete my 5 runs in 6 days, and now I am sore.  Not a injury sore, but just a ran 5 out of 6 days sore, plus remember I walk on concrete a gazillion miles at work too, so just activity sore.  That is all good.  Anyway I think I need music.  You know how music hits you, and you reminisce about life and stuff, and it gives you maybe a bit of pleasure/pain type thing.  I mean reminiscing is totally pleasure pain if not anything else ya know??  The music ain't hitting me.  What's up with that??  I know it probably is just a temporary thing. 

Let's take a look at my life for the shits and grins.  I work early, and have been working 6 days each week, since I am not doing long runs on Saturday.  I am all jazzed early morning, and ready to roll, but I get tired and fatigued after work.  Let us call it 12 hours.  I usually get up around 2 or so, and work til 2 or so.  So if you were one to wake up at 7:00 am, Your 7pm, is my 2 pm.  In the past maybe I'd get my workout in, but chances are I already got something in.  If I didn't I might get something in, or maybe not. 

As someone who doesn't have cable, and likes to be outside in the summer, that leads to just hanging typically, and that is what we do.  Hang with friends, or just Lisa and I sometimes, and listen to music, etc...  It seems on the external there ain't much to life.  All the important stuff is inside us too.  They are our memories, and our emotions, and how we deal with things that happen to us.  The price of not dealing in my opinion is bored, angry, I blame everyone in the world for my life type stuff.  I guess the more we don't deal the more we judge, because dealing is our way of saying, I can see why I did that maybe, or I can see why I do that. 

If history teaches us one thing it is the deck is stacked against us?  You know why??   If we cannot make perfection and total decency out of our lives, how are the collective going to make everything peachy keen for everyone else.  Especially when the collective actually have ulterior motives for damn near everything they do. 

I know people have goals etc.. but how important are they are in comparison to point B in the timeline.  You really have to accept life has a bunch of negative shit in it.  It is healthy to accept it and deal with it.  Blaming everyone else for perhaps not being 100% happy don't lead anywhere.  It is also healthy to accept you are not 100% happy, cuz if you were than the grass wouldn't look green elsewhere.  If you think someone else has a better life than you, it is more than likely a false vision.  We all are doing this point A to point B together, and we all have good days, and bad days, and good shit happens, and bad shit happens to us all. 

Oooooh, I guess I would have time to run to work if my legs would allow it, but they won't.  I need to fix my bike.  I am the laziest SOB I know.  :)

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p.s.  Getting to know ourselves is  a process.  It takes time, and our vision does not become clear overnight. 

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