Saturday, August 27, 2011

Am I Positive???

That I could not tell to be honest.  As I take a look at the last couple of posts I talk of a point A to point B.  That is our life.  I look at life like an Anne Frank, because that was a real life.  A life full of hopes and dreams.  Anne was a real person, and she had love in her life, and anger, and a dislike for some people, and a wish for better days.  Some people lived as slaves their whole lives, and some were serfs, and some spent times in Gulags, and some endured the Crusades.  Life is full of that type of stuff. 

Here is my thought.  I think it is positive to look at your life.  I also think it is a necessary step too.  We haven't been happy every day, but we have been happy.  We haven't been sad every day, but we have been sad.  We are not nice all the time, but sometimes we are nice.  We are not mean all the time, but sometimes we are mean.  Now there is a great question.  Can you tell me why some days you are one way, and sometimes the other?  That kinda is the wave I talked about huh?? 

 I guess I did realize yesterday where we are headed.  The direction we are going.  I said it before, and I told you.  It is the story of my brother Jim who quite frankly did very little right in his life, but processed everything before point B was a point B.  He needed help with some stuff, and that was the Iz night.  That is the shit I have to do sometimes, and it comes without warning.  I hope I don't have to do anymore of it to be honest, and I think maybe I won't, but who can really tell.  I think Steve Rose, and my brother were able to do that stuff, and then their point B actually was a point B.  Ours will just be a view of point A to point B.  We process all that, and we will see what happens.  That I don't know, but we will need to be brave, and accept what we must do, and realize with help all and everything is possible.  :)

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p.s.  Like Charisa said Our life is our life we do what we like.  Your life is your life do what you like.  Some of us like to drink and hang with our friends.  :) 

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