Tuesday, January 3, 2017

What I See.

Hello, and good morning. How's it going?   Me, I am good. Yesterday was pretty okay, except I stayed up late to watch the end of the Rose Bowl. I would have slept in, but I am done sleeping so.

Anyway I was thinking of some things before getting up. One thing is who I am now compared to who I will be. It will be quite a transformation,  but that change is totally blocked. I can't make that happen in the slightest. Timing is not up to me, and that trial is not of my creation. I have to endure things, and I cannot make that happen in the slightest.

I guess what you can say is I know my story,  and I know me. I am not the author of my path, and I am not the manipulator of those events.

People seek out a redeeming quality they possess,  and the truth of the matter is we don't possess it. That one thing that makes us special is non existent.

That part of our story is hard to accept. I know way back when I tried to make me the best a person can be. It was out of my power. I couldn't do it.

Eventually I learned a lot of stuff. This here is where you and I differ. I know the path that turns me into the best a person can be. It isn't from my power, strength,  wisdom,  work ethic. As a matter of fact you can say it has absolutely nothing to do with me. It is the path I was willing to take. It was more important than anything.

I was able to take off Saint's clothing,  cuz I was not worthy to wear them. I found my way though. I found that which means everything.

Totally worth more than gold or silver,  but that too is a human weakness. Security lies in money for people,  but security is something else.

I can't really speak to you about these things though, because you and I differ. You cannot know how I am in the slightest,  and I know about all human weakness.

From where I stand, and where you stand are miles apart. I can't bridge the gap for you.

Eventually you kinda gotta wonder why you are powerless to make you the best a person can be.

It is our weakness that leads us on the right path. Your strength and greatness will not help you, cuz that is tied up in Worldly rewards.

The truth of life is everything is wrong.  The truth of us is we are weak. Saints we are not.

The truth breaks you down,  while the World falsely tries to lift you up. The path is hard before it gets better.

I labor in vain though,  cuz you chose the World. How did that go for you?

Okee Dokee. That is my entry for today.

I have no goals for this blog this year. What once typically ended around 300 posts per year has dropped to the 220-30 range. I don't know what this year will be.

I think I am done too with what may have been the ending of most my blogs.  It's dumb.

Later.    :)

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