Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A Winter Rain.

Rain typically = no snow,  but you surely don't want that shit turning to ice. Looks like we lucked out. It rained yesterday, and will finish up sometime this morning. Temps stay well above freezing though so no ice. As a matter of fact we'll be close to 50° or over for one or two days. In January. In Michigan. Typically you feel you are winning if you are in the mid 30s.

That was my main concern yesterday. Rain and temps. Besides that yesterday was a pretty normal day. I slept in, cuz I watched football. I worked, and did dinner.

Other than that not much on my mind. I did think of one thing last night. I woke up after a couple hours of sleep. Found out my sense of humor is not for everyone. Lesson learned for the 9,000,000,000th time.

I did think why do I do this here?  Not really sure. More and more I have nothing to write. I still publish my nothingness just cuz I am annoying like that, and then go on with my day.  Is there something I am trying to accomplish? 

Not really. Since we are in the wilderness there isn't anything to accomplish. I won't impress you with the nothing I achieve, and it goes the opposite way too.  You will not impress me.

I may seem strange, because we are in this weird place the wilderness,  and I am totally fine with it. My days won't change, and I expect me to be the same day after day.

That puts us in different positions, cuz I know all about the wilderness. I will spend no time looking for value where there is none. I'll live out my day to day. You however have never been here. You'll continue looking for value in any number of avenues, and you'll find the truth eventually. I suspect that will put more of a disconnect between me and other people. I'll continue my day to day putting no value in other people's endeavors,  cuz I've been here, and I know the pointless meaning of all labors and sacrifices.

On your way to make you a perfect person you will fail. Your heart will never measure up to how you want to feel, and how you want to be.

With a big disconnect I won't care probably. I'll just continue doing what I do. Making you hate me more than you already do too, is my guess.

Kinda funny huh??    :)

Such strangeness really.

Okay. I got a day I have to start. I guess I'll take the monster since I got time.

Have a good one.  :)

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