Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Tales From The Darkside.

Hello, and good morning. How's it going?   I am doing okay. I haven't blogged in a couple days cuz I stayed up late on Saturday, and still wanted to get to work at 6:00 AM. Decided to sleep in yesterday too.

I am up today though,  and don't really have much to say. Yesterday was pretty okay as far as days go. It was a pretty easy day I guess, and I like those. Maybe all my days are easy.

I suspect that to be the case actually. Today I plan on having another easy day. Lisa is having some friends over so Hope and I will be sent to our room. She is having a dinner party.

My gosh for not blogging for two days I sure got nothing to blog about.

I am assured and confident. I am not perfect cuz in my current form that is impossible. In that regard you and I are alike. Perfect isn't impossible,  but it does take steps. The first one I realize few want to take. I did want to take it cuz I wanted a purpose. A purpose in a World where there didn't seem to be any.

Many may know their dilemma so they seek out a good path. The best their minds can think up. I've seen that all before. Stay off FB, do this and do that.

It seems there is an avenue for a better us if we just put forth effort. There is a lot between you and I that make us different. Being perfect isn't one of them. Me knowing a lot if not all of the human struggle is one. I know the weakness and pitiful existence of the human.

In our mind we try and grab the best things we can think of to make us feel more enlightened.

Anyway, on we go. Getting after your story,  but still nowhere near it. The darkness inside you blocks it. You need the light to clear the darkness, but that still takes a step.  

I've said that all before though.  Today I blogged cuz it's what I do. I didn't really say anything new. I rarely do I don't think.

Okee dokee

I'll see you later.   :)

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