Friday, January 27, 2017

Just Plugging Along.

Good morning. How's it going?   I am fine. I had another day yesterday. I worked,  and did my errands. I had an eye test. I wanted to see if I need glasses, since I can't read shit without reading glasses on. Turns out my eyesight is perfect,  but I need reading glasses to read. Other than that I am 20/20 or better.

Got most of the paper work to the bank. Need a couple more things, and I'll do that today. It was good getting that done. We then made an easy dinner, relaxed a bit, and then I slept.

So really a day not unlike others. It is pretty nice feeling good about how your life is. My heart is good,  and my days are easy. We have some house projects we need to do. I have some books to read, and some movies to see. Plenty of stuff to keep me busy.

I guess the best thing I like about my life is I don't look over my shoulder. Should I have done this or that?  I have nothing like that at all. I am confident and content with me and my life. Not scared I made a wrong decision ever.

As to others I don't really know. I am not too concerned. I took the proper steps,  and I am on the right route. I know this. I am assured and confident.

You may think I am arrogant,  I don't know,  but I am right. It took a few decades to get where I am now,  and my story isn't even finished. 

Thinking like that is dangerous for people who aren't right. To never question yourself or beliefs is dangerous. I can't say I didn't question myself. I pictured myself as the thief. I saw my end. While most / all picture themselves as Saints I saw where I was headed. While others think about their great deeds, and rewards for their Sainthood,  I realized I was not the best a person can be, and that was out of my power.

People are out putting themselves on a pedestal, I humbly looked at me.

So I took the lesser route. It coincided by doing what I did I also took on a job. My first and most important job was to help myself. Find my way. I was then given a harder route on top of that. Go out in the wilderness and find my way, and also later on I would have to help others along.

So I've done what was asked of me. I just was a failure at helping others along. It wasn't my fault it was yours. So now we are in the wilderness again to see if there are any humble or meek ones out there.  If none are humble I don't worry. You'll go your own way, and I will let you go. I don't worry about losing people in the wilderness,  cuz I am confident and assured of my way.

I am right. It took me to look at the truth to find my way, and that is something few will do. Maybe none besides me. That's probably a possibility,  but that is not how the story is supposed to play out.

The ball is in your court, cuz I am the coach. I don't play the game anymore, cuz my labor is done. You can be like the team from Hoosiers,  but you picture yourself as being too great. Your eyesight is backward. You see things upside down.

It is the fate of the arrogant and wrong, aka every person born in this World less a turn.

Helpless to help them self.


That's all she wrote today.

Cya.   :)

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