Saturday, January 28, 2017

Is Saturday the Start or End?

I don't know if Saturday is the start of my week or the end. It's been a relatively busy week for me. Lots of stuff to do after work. I was tired when i got home yesterday. It meant I didn't do a damn thing. I did collect all my papers for the house refi. So that's good. I never look at my pay stubs, and 2 of the 3 are on the Web. Tied up in passwords and usernames I always forget. So I had to jump through hoops to get a recent pay stub. Also I had to stop by my insurance company to get a copy of our home insurance. It's hard work collecting papers you never even think about.

Anyway it is done. Just gotta bring them into the lady on Wednesday. I am really not sure if today feels like the end of the week or start. I am well rested and recharged. It was a nice sleep in.

So what else. Not much. Yesterday was probably a doozy. There is a lot inside me you cannot see from the outside. I just look like a normal'ish person on the outside,  but it is different on the inside. You can see inside me when I do this.  How do we get to your inside?   For one thing it isn't so easy. When I went through the eye of the needle it cleaned me out.  I didn't know it at the time, but it removed much darkness. The proverbial log if you will so I could see now. I don't exactly know how things were the rest of my time til the start of this blog. I do know if I was ever scared I still was open,  and could be seen. It is where my courage came from I guess. I wasn't always without fear though. These days I pretty much am.

Anyhoo all this talk you cannot really know what I am talking about. What can be said is we don't really know you.  We explain ourselves with our deeds,  and we take pictures of our outsides. A blog like this takes a picture on the inside. The camera is the words.

What's it all mean?  

It means that is my blog today. I will probably see you Monday. Probably not tomorrow though.

Okay. Have fun.  :)

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