Saturday, January 21, 2017

I Feel Back To Normal.

I have kinda been tired this week. I don't always know when I am tired,  but eventually I figure it out. I woke up early on Thursday,  wrote down some gibberish. Realized it was dumb so I deleted it, and took Hope for a walk. Falling asleep early each night I decided to sleep in yesterday. Today I feel great. I don't really know what makes a person tired, but I was this week. It is strange for me too,  cuz I probably sleep between 7-14 hours less than Lisa each week.  I really don't need a ton of sleep.

Other than that not much going on. I had a little knee issue happening so I haven't run in a bit. It is better now,  so I will run today. I'll just run for fun. My knee will not hold up to what I used to do in the past. The sidewalks were better this week, so I was able to bike to work a few times. I was driving quite a bit, which is strange. Put it this way, I am time wise due for an oil change, but only put on like 300 miles on my truck since the last one. I don't drive much.  :)

That is about it for me. I am going to get an eye exam in the next few days, and probably glasses. I wear reading glasses, but I am blind as Hell up close. I can still read signs far away when driving, but I pretty much can't see shit close to me.

That is the extent of my life right now.  I've been watching movies when I get home from work,  and cooking meals. Then falling asleep. Today starts a weekend. There will be work,  eat, and sleep. It's what I do.

Okay, have a good one.

Laterzzzzzz.  :)

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