Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Here Comes The Cold, and Maybe Snow

Good morning. How's it going?   Me, I am good. Yesterday was a pretty normal day. I switched sides of the table at work. So I get to learn new stuff, which should be fun. More mixing now,  and I learn this stuff starting in January, so we should be slow for a couple months. The bakery gets another guy trained in mixing too,  which they will need when they expand later this year.

It really was slow at work so I left early. Early enough to get rained on all the way home.  :)  the small window of rain we had. We have a cold front coming for the next 5 days. Also I was really tired last night.  I couldn't keep my eyes open. After tacos,  I was out. My days typically end a little different than when I first wake up. Usually I am ready to tackle all the things when I wake up, and usually I get tired by the end of the day.

So there,  that is my exciting life. Gosh,  I don't know own if I have much else.  :)

I am going to take Hope in a bit,  and I am driving to work today. I have a simple dinner planned too.

Life is kinda trippy when you realize the truth of us. The wilderness is a strange place. In the wilderness if you look to the pieces of you that are important you'll find there is no path. Nothing leads anywhere. In life we all kinda looked for meaning somewhere. Do this,  and do that. This vessel we were born in is hard.  It never is really quite good enough. We put effort here, make sacrifices there,  seek for meaning on this path and that path.

Deep down life never is really fun enough. Deep down we really don't give a fuck enough. Our hearts don't always want to do what our mind thinks we should do. No matter what people are a product of their society,  upbringing,  and less than perfect information we picked up along the way.

In life balance is a good thing one would suspect,  but the scales are past our understanding. We can't attain to that knowledge.

In life we are human, so everyone says all is okay. Is it though?   It's one question we never asked,  and our hearts never really concerned ourselves with. It takes life,  and pretty good vision for us to question whether we really are all that.

I did go that extra mile. There was a type of person I wanted to be, and I fell short. Decades ago I found the answer, and it is a waiting game.  My insides will be reaped so to speak when the time is right. Obviously I can't know these things, cuz I cannot walk by sight.  Too many things I cannot see.  Too many things I cannot know.

Anyway, I guess that's good.

Cya.  :)

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