Thursday, January 12, 2017

Back To The Old Drawing Board.

Hello, and good morning. How's it going?   Me, I am okay. I am up early so I thought maybe I'd give this a whirl. There isn't much on my mind, but that is usually the case. There just is what's inside me, and this is who I am.

Yesterday was a pretty normal day. I did see a movie after work,  so today I will have to do some cleaning. Our kitchen is trashed. I have to check outside to see about transportation. It rained last night, and it is probably below freezing now. Not sure if I want to bike if I'll be falling on my ass every 10 seconds. That's pretty much it for me.

As for yesterday's blog I know some things about me, my story,  and life. I don't worry about it though,  cuz I am in good hands. I know the things that are possible,  and I know my way. I am secure and assured.

As to other people I don't really know them too well. Lives go on. People continue to do what people do, and I'm not really sure what that is. I don't know if life is a grind for some. I suspect it is, cuz hearts are kinda that way.

If you had a hope about life you would always wanna be happy. You would like little stress. You'd want every day to be fun. People typically are different from one day to the next. Good mood,  bad mood,  not feeling it somedays. Maybe someday you want to do nothing. I don't know. Life is pretty busy, and I suspect sometimes people don't want to be.

As life goes on I think it is hard for all ages. Older people are too tied up in life. More entangled and enslaved. You'll find at the end of the day there wasn't anything to accomplish. You have one end, and at that point no one cares about trophies or certificates.

Younger people are kinda screwed too, because they are entangled in life too, but there are all the things to accomplish in the World. That is how the human heart operates.

In life we are supposed to ask questions,  but people typically just look to society and get no farther. The answers go deeper than political BS.

People are tied down and enslaved though. The answer to life is a maze out of your ability to know the way through. In the end we all are pretty dumb to the truth. You have papers of accreditations and diplomas that suggest you are smart.  :)

Life is a pretty tough thing. It is a pretty dangerous thing to be born here. As it is written probably better if you weren't,  but nothing you can do about that now.

I would try to look into the mirror inside you. Is this the best a person can be?   If not how would you change that?  

You'll find on our own it is impossible,  but with help all is possible. All journeys start with a single step,  but that step isn't really easy. When I took my step I had to follow it up with obedience. I still had to overcome myself, and that wasn't even one of the 3 times my story is all about.

I did get a promise though after overcoming myself. I was told I'd be rescued out of every entanglement. It is how I beat the judges twice so far. With a wisdom and strength that wasn't mine.

Anyhoo.  I guess life goes on. For me too. Today I will work,  clean,  eat, and sleep. My story is basically done. I just wait for my final thing, and you know I guess my story is all about waiting. I knew the final thing I must do before I overcame the first time. That's been quite a while. I think the stories play out like that anyway.

I did receive a blessing right before #1. At that point it didn't mean much, cuz I was too afraid. I held it close during the dead years,  and it really took hold after #2. I suspect in currency not of this World I am a wealthy person. That is the rich man parable huh?? 

You can tell the False teachers cuz they ask for the wrong currency. Tithing in the Spiritual writing asks for other currency.

That is where my brother Jim came in. 1/10th. The sword is spiritual,  and also a trap. Many false teachers run around aimlessly in that area. In my story the sword still plays out, but I don't know the maze,  so the steps aren't directed by me.

Meanwhile you do whatever that is.

Okay cya.   :)

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