Thursday, January 5, 2017

Up Early, But Nuthin On My Mind.

Good morning. How's it going?  Me, I am okay. I got out of work early again, and was able to see Rogue One finally. I thought it was good. I wanted to come home and watch the first one again, and we only have it on VHS. How does that happen?  Maybe I'll rent them today.

I was just sitting in bed, and decided to get up early, cuz I am done sleeping. Typically I think of stuff when I am up early,  and I was thinking of nothing.  :)  it made me think this here will be pretty much about nothing. I also decided to get up to get another run in. It is cold outside. I could also bike to work,  but I am going to wuss out. It typically is fine on the way to work,  but after a full day biking home isn't all that fun when it is like 15° 

I may see another movie anyway after work. So there you have today's plan. Run, work, movie maybe, rent movies,  and dinner. Then sleep. That's pretty much how I like my days. I'll try to do dishes before work too. They do get away from us once in a while. Coming home and being lazy is not too shabby.  :) coming home, putting on a hoodie,  and pajamas is what January is all about.

So this year is starting out a bit different. Not really significant,  but I guess I am back in my routine. It is pretty simple. I like that too. As to how this year will look I have no idea. I can't see how days in the future will look just like anyone else. I did know some stuff of my story. Overcome 3 times. I always knew what the 3rd time was. I didn't know what number I stood at until I overcame the 2nd time. Then I knew. Remember I was 2/3 of the way done. Later on in a dream I finished the race. I won the race of life. I hit the tape as only one can. I then went where no one else can.

I remember that dream. I should have been happy,  but I was alone,  and I wasn't supposed to be. That was a long time ago. I thought #3 was real close, but this is going on years.

That kinda shows how blind we are huh??  I knew my story,  but I did not know how the days would look. Blogs??  This wasn't in my plan. Those 6 days long ago where I had the worst of the worst in me. Not my plan. After that I was fully clothed for a bit. (Full in spirit)  I thought I was the best I could be for a short while.

Later on I was made to be poor in Spirit. That is terrifying by the way, cuz you have no security. I was then led out into the wilderness to suffer much. Life was going on for all people, and I was in the wilderness learning the truth of life,  and me. Holidays and weekends were going on, and I was being judged, and I had no security.

I've told that story. It ended up me being in the hospital. A broken person. A year of physical depression  (no energy)  The energy returned, and I knew I was kinda free. I could not take me any closer to what I eventually would have to do. Those were the dead years. I don't know how many  years that went on. Probably between 15 and 20. Things started up with blog #1. Then the journey,  and me overcoming the 2nd time.

Now we kinda are back in the wilderness. I still am poor in spirit,  but I am secure. My job is to do #3, but I am powerless to take me there. So this is your time, cuz I got nothing to accomplish. There are no points I know of outside of my 3rd trial.

What that means for you maybe we'll find out this year. Holidays and weekends will still come around. Social networking will probably make you gag through them.  Maybe it will only be me gagging.  I don't know.  :)

My story to date is well known by me. If you think about it through blogging I "met" a lot of people. I know some of their lives. I guess the plan was to get to know people better. My guess is without a turn that Avenue is closed.

The story suggests we should grab a few who may be willing. The numbers were never good if one looked at the sword,  but hearts cannot worry about that either, cuz yours is of this World.

Anyhoo.  That was long.

Sorry not sorry.  Don't care.  Naaa. Naaa.   :)

Later.  :)

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