Monday, January 23, 2017

So Much To Do.

Hello, and good morning. How's it going?  Me, I am fine. Had a pretty good weekend. On Saturday I thought about seeing a movie after work. Actually in my mind I was thinking of all the things I could do after work. I was pretty open. I decided early on to just come home and clean. Dishes done,  refrigerator cleaned,  all the laundry done,  and folded. It felt pretty good to do that. It made my Sunday open. Lisa has Sunday off so it takes a lot off her. It was a good way to spend a Saturday.

Today I have a lot to do again. Check into getting an eye exam, eventually we have to go in and refinance our house. Rates are low, but we are lazy. I am almost done with the 2nd Game Of Thrones,  so I can start watching the 2nd season. I am on the 3rd Underworld movie. I saw the new one, so I figured I should see the other ones. They aren't bad movies at all,  and Kate Beckinsale, I mean seriously. If there is a prettier woman ever I've probably not seen her.

Also it's Monday so I can do BOGO burritos,  and maybe a beer or two. So many things. I still have to check the weather,  and take Hope too.

Weekend was just a weekend I guess. I did my own thing. I am not really tied to anyone or anything. Its a big World out there,  and I feel strong on my own. What people do doesn't really affect me I don't think.  I still have my blog. I still use it.

I feel the same way about stuff. My blog made a turn a bit ago. Went into the wilderness really. Took the turn to see the real value of life. The real value of our deeds. I know these things, but others have to learn it.

In this World there needs to be something magical huh??  Some major things happening. Great deeds are being done to make the World better. If you want to make the World better make you better. Better off make you perfect. That is the best thing to hope for right?? 

If it ain't leading to perfection it ain't doing anything. We will labor and sacrifice for all sorts of stuff. We'll say it's important too cuz we put effort into it.

There is a whole different route available. One that says World you mean nothing. I want perfect. Perfect is worth everything. The World is worth nothing. Your deeds mean nothing. A turn means everything.

It's a hard thing to teach people that,  but the truth is never far away.  People don't want the truth though. Probably because the truth says there is no magical thing going on in our lives, and we don't matter. This World ain't no great thing, and we will die. In the end we are here for no real reason.

I saw that way back when. I figured if there is some reason I am here let me do that. Turns out I guess there was a reason. Been a long trip. I've seen a lot,  and learned a lot. There was a short time when I was full that I thought this was easy. No problem at all. That is a couple decades past, and outside my two trials I still haven't done anything really. People are still the same.  Not any better.

Anyway. I gotta go.


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