Wednesday, January 18, 2017

I Should Check The Weather.

So far so good this Winter. A lot of mild days in a row. Typically you endure whatever weather you get, but I am all about easy winters.

Today has been a struggle just coming up with a title so I probably have nothing to write here. I may even publish it too, cuz I am an ass like that. Yesterday was pretty okay. Work went good. We had tacos. I cleaned whites, and watched two movies.

Today I start out with some coffee, and I pretty much know the direction my day will go. I'd tell you about it, but pretty sure you know already.

What else should I tell you. Doubt there is anything to tell. The information you got told you all about the coin. What it meant. My story I turned my one coin into 5+5. I had no clue what I was doing,  but my story plays out as it is supposed to. I am not the author,  so I walked into a lot of areas I did not know the outcome to.

Many have their coin now,  and I suspect some are afraid and bury it. Don't want to lose it. What does that mean?   Tied to jobs and careers maybe. Trust was once an important part of my blog,  but I am guessing as far as this goes all fail.

I came as a messenger, not a Saint, because in matters of Sainthood you and I are alike. We aren't. Many try to prove otherwise sometimes, and that's a dead end. Many try to show off their coin as being brighter, shinier, and more sparkly than others. In the wilderness all coins are the same. As a matter of fact I would say coins become worth less. Less copper in each coin,  or a copper silver mix.

So where do you shine?  Where are your great deeds?  We all are alike in the wilderness. Just these people with our lives.

It has to be hard too, cuz you want life to be something you shine at. In some way you are better and more special than others. Smarter. You did it right. You know life,  and you did it better than all.

Where is victory in the wilderness??  In my story there was no victory here. Eventually I got let out, but it wasn't without suffering. It wasn't without learning the brutal truth. Even if I had moments where I looked for value in myself, I knew it wasn't there.  I was open,  and I could see my inside. I was nowhere near the best a person can be. That is what I wanted, cuz I wanted security.

What does it mean?   The wilderness is brutal. It is filled with the shitty old truth. Ya gotta see the bad I guess, cuz it will help you understand the good. Currently the good is far away,  so brace yourself. This isn't going to be easy,  and none of us will shine.

Okee doke.

Have a good one. 

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