Thursday, June 30, 2016

A Crazy Week.

I think this is my first update this work week. I've been sleeping in. Yesterday I could have gotten up,  but I decided to sleep. Today I totally was thinking of sleeping more, but I didn't have to.

Sleep is something I don't have a problem doing. I am good at it. Waking up is something I don't have a problem doing either. I am good at that too.

So anyway I was thinking of what I have life boiled down to. Work, eat, sleep. These are things I need to do to live.

Typically I have 5-6 hours outside of those things to do as I choose each day. In the past I may have used some of that time to run, but my knee hasn't been great. I don't do much, unless we have a project going on.

Yesterday I rested after work for an hour or two. I cut the back grass, and watered the garden. After that Hope and I hung outside. We ate dinner around 6 or 7:00. Another day in the life.

If you look to your past, and look at your life now I cannot imagine what you see. I've looked at my life. I dealt with all the BS one accumulates just by living.

The truth takes everything away really. You are bound to no one anymore. Your life is your own. You owe no one anything anymore.

That is not how normal people live, cuz it is basically impossible for humans.

Look at all the stuff in life you have to do. You have this and that that needs to be done. Family this and family that. Houses and stuff need to be cleaned, dishes need to be done. Raising kids??  Add several more hour to your week helping, and doing whatever it is kids do these days.

Life is busy. Who has time for themselves??  I imagine in people they would like to kinda go "into the wild" cuz life is slavery basically.

Into the wild is a search for a content heart. It is a search for happiness. What we thought life would look like when we were younger is probably different than our real lives now.

The truth takes everything away.  Especially all the worries.

Life is just life. Trillions have done it, and everyone thought their life was just as important as yours.

Mine isn't. There is very very little to me, and I am cool with it.

That is it for today!!!   :)

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p.s.  I am having a coffee today.

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Extras of these xoxoxoxoxoxo

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