Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The Things You Don't Think Possible.

Hello, and good morning. How's it going??   Me, I am doing good. Over the last few days we took down all our stupid custom made kitchen cabinets, and put in new for us ones. Lisa got a deal from work, so instead of spending several thousand dollars on new kitchen cabinets, we spent like  $200 on white raised panel kitchen cabinets. From stupid cabinets to actually nice ones.

We were actually able to make it fit too. It fit so good we were able to put our c-top back, and it fits perfect. Lisa is going to make a new countertop out of 3/4" hard wood floor. I just have to throw the new faucet and sink in. New for us anyway. Another deal from her work. Sink originally a couple hundred bucks,  and the faucet would run a few hundred.

I still am in awe we got that shit done. First time we ever Fucked with stuff like that. To have it fit pretty perfect is ridiculous.  I started the Game of Thrones books too, and I am hooked.

That is what my days have been about. That is stressful work I tell you,  but it  worked out.

There are other things going on I guess, I dreamed a lot the last couple nights. Stupid dreams I don't totally remember. Stress make you dream more?? 

Life goes on though. You think about the guy who made our stupid custom cabinets. A guy spending several hours putzing around making shitty cabinets for his house. If he is still alive he is probably screwing 80 year old ladies in an old people's house. All those hours spent building those stupid cabinets amounted to nothing. We are pretty happy with our work, and that too amounts to nothing.

There is something more to life. It is hidden, and the activities done under the sun in the end are pretty dumb. We do fill our time here doing stuff. It's just the multitudes place a million more percentage of importance to this stuff than it is actually worth in the long run.

If you could view your final days you would realize it really wasn't worth much.

Anyway I went out, and actually found out these hidden things. I lived in a hidden World no one knew about, but one.

I overcame twice so I could sit in this position now. Really your life pulls you as does your heart. You want that better version of you, but you see it is impossible.

So all you can do is hide right,?  Not really,  cuz no one is any better than you, and you are no better than anyone else.

You are really a stranger in a strange land. It just so happens you still are a product of your society, and you think that is important.

Pretty crazy.

Anyway, I gotta run. 


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