Friday, June 24, 2016

What's It All Mean??

So England is leaving the EU. Who even knows what that will mean. I have no clue. I don't really pay attention to the news, but I seem to remember some Countries in Europe were struggling with debt problems. Are there any Countries running a surplus?  Is the Worlds Economic foundation really just Fucked anyway?? 

I have no idea, and who cares. Eventually we all die, and at some point many will realize no one gives a FUCK about the way you are really making great changes to the World with your political FB updates. They are really doing a lot of good.  FB has helped make your life that much more important, because it is another outlet for your political discourse.  I for one am really happy to see these updates.   :)

Now back to real life. So we got Lisa a new for her car. She was happy. We made out like bandits too, cuz we ended up pocketing an extra $70, cuz we miscalculated taxes, title, and stuff. Also the registration is paid now through 2017. Our birthdays this year will only have one registration to pay for. Always a downside for us turning a year older,  cuz our birthdays are one day apart, and two car fees are always due.  Also for a few years we haven't really til recently been  making a lot more than we had to pay out.

So it was a pretty good day yesterday.  In our little World we are doing okay. We aren't lonely. We aren't bored. We don't have any big obligations,  besides work, eat, and sleep. Also we've lived life long enough to know we don't matter. We are not that important, and we aren't making any great footprint in the World.

We exist in this place for a short time, and unlike most/ all others we are not disillusioned at our own importance.

I personally don't place more value on things than what they are due, and that comes from how my life has gone.

While you all were out trying to write your less than stellar autobiography,  I ended up having a different author. I didn't have the answers to this strange World,  and the answer came from my route.

I was not smart enough to know all things, and I surely cannot see in time. Turns out I was given a basic premise of my story. Hit the alligator on the head 3 times, and you are done.

Even at the time I didn't know what,all that would look like,  but during that bad summer I learned what the 3rd one will entail.

Be condemned, and go to Hell for 3 days. That is where perfection and understanding live. To follow in the footsteps of the one who went before me, and others too. It's been Centuries since it's been done too, cuz we would know.

Man grabbed the story.  Turned it into many many Fucked up religions, and it got lost.

The story was not about fake people talking into microphones saying whatever stupid crap their little minds think up.

The story is all fall short. None of us are perfect. Those who wear robes will be judged harsher,  cuz they block the way. They are  false teachers.

So you've been living a life like us all that really doesn't matter in the grand scheme. Many I gather think they have been living a Saintly life too.

The story was about forgiveness not one-upmanship. It was about humility not arrogance. The story was how in every way we are wrong, but we don't have to be.

The story was an end to who we are today so we can be better tomorrow.

The story was about instead of loving the world, maybe some would want nothing more than to be a better version of them self.

It's a good story,  but your heart lies to you. In the end you still have to overcome you. Your heart is not clean, and it lies.

On your own you are helpless.

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Extras of these xoxoxoxoxoxo

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