Saturday, June 18, 2016

Up At Stupid O'Clock

Hello, and good morning. How's it going??  Me, I am doing pretty good. I slept really good, and I still got up really early. I've been playing stupid games on my phone for a couple hours. I had a pretty good week this week. I stayed pretty busy, and I wasn't a complete pos when I got home from work.

I think I slept great the whole week. I don't remember being tired. I was planning on doing a couple things yesterday, but it was Friday so I said Fuck it. We went out to a local pizza place for dinner, and I had a beer and their veggie sub. That thing is so ridiculously good. Tonight I'll probably pick up a couple steaks after work to cook on the grill.

Another simple day in this simple life. Work, eat, sleep. Not really a concern at all. Some day I'll die, and I am cool with that. Of course I still have a bit to do before I die. My silly story.

As I wait during this time, I am so lucky to have a content heart.  I have no heroes before me. No human worship in my life.

I know me pretty well, and I know a lot about all people. I think people all seek out the "good" life, but there are no manuals for that is there??  So we all kinda do what is expected of us. It is whatever our upbringing and society have taught us.

The worst part of life is our hearts are not really content on our own. We need more money, more toys, more free time, more fun.

We want to be happy, and that is the bottom line,  and we want to be good. So many things we want, but why is it all out of reach?? 

People want their lives to matter, and that must involve some type of sacrifice. Wars are started, and people kill or die trying. One side is right, and one side is wrong, and typically the right side is whichever side you were born on, as if you had a say.

I, back in the day, stepped out of all sides to kinda find if there is anything else. A lot of life, pretty good vision led me to see there is nothing here for me. I am living this life, and I don't see anything being worth a piss. The World looked ugly,  so why even life?

So all alone in the World,  I made the turn. I was given a strong heart even back then, which made my life my own. If there are rules of how a person is supposed to be regarding damn near anything they don't apply to me.

All the grand things society has dressed up I am not concerned with. The holidays, and pageantry of life I have no use for. I just don't give a crap about that stuff.

Life is just a Web we found ourself in. You may wonder why your heart is not content, and it is because it isn't supposed to be. Instead of being an actor,  you are supposed to seek out other things. There is a higher truth, that goes higher than society, and religion, and pageantry, and everything else. Your heart is not content, cuz all along this is what you were to seek.

Remember long ago I used to stress trust, and strength, and things like that. It's been years, and still we haven't done a thing. We haven't even made one step.

Life is Bullshit. This World is a pile of crap, because it is all false. Life is kinda dirty. We poop, and fart, and pee. We get sick, and all kindsa stuff. All of a sudden a number of years have gone by, and you wonder what did my life mean??

Our lives really don't mean much, and probably the greatest miracle of all is when one accepts the truth of life, which is not all that great a thing, they can still be content and happy.

Our heart is the foundation of our life. If the heart is not content, than something in life is missing.

One thing I know about all people is they have a heart that is not content. You kinda know that about you,  so the weak become actors.

We want others to think we nailed life.

That's a long entry.


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p.s.  gonna finish my coffee, take hope for a walk, and read my book. 

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Extras of these xoxoxoxoxoxo

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