Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Tales From The Darkside.

Hello, and good morning. How's it going??  Me, I am doing fine. I haven't blogged in a couple days. Sunday I read my book before work, and Monday I slept in.

We got a pretty good amount of stuff done yesterday. Filled our truck with most of our old kitchen,  and took it to the dump. We can get another pass in a few weeks to get rid of the other crap we have to get rid of. We took care of our bills/ budget. I cut the front yard, and we had time to chill outside.

I was surprised how much stuff we got done by 3:15. I thought it was later. Then I blinked,  and it was 5:30. Time to make tacos at that point. I went to bed around 7:00, and I feel pretty good.

Not much else going on. I decided since I don't work enough to work ~8 hours every Sunday. Back to no days off, but I get Holidays off, and we are taking a week off in August.  Not doing anything in particular.

A lot of stuff going on in the World. Much of it bad, and people are angry. Left is mad at the right. Right is mad at the left.

Pretty crazy. I could tell you things, but this World is ridiculous. You can send a man into space,  but the World still has wars, and poverty, killing, theft, violence.

Maybe a good question would be is everything wrong in this World?? The answer may surprise you, especially if you cannot step out of all the stuff you've been taught since childhood.

We all are guilty of trying to live a life we thought we were supposed to. It took a lot for me to throw everything away in case.

I did it though, and I was able to find answers. The answers are pretty exclusive.

There are no points for anything we do under the sun. There is no labor, and no sacrifice you can do to make you the best a person can be. Marriage certificates, and birth certificates mean nothing.

We all at some point tried to tally up our points for all the great deeds we do, and I found out in not so easy fashion there were never any points for my deeds.

Now as I stand now I have tallied up some points, cuz that was my path. Not my ideas, and not my plans. I walked pretty blindly, and had no clue how to get points.

So I guess it is my job to tell the people they are lost. The life you think you are living as a Saint is not. We all fall short. The great deeds you've accomplished are not.

It is not a good job to tell a proud and arrogant people to step back.  We are not that great, and your life matters a lot less than you think.

That's my job though. 

Not exactly what I had in mind all those years back when I made the turn, but I had no idea really. No clue what exactly I was doing.

Now I see. 

Anyway, I gotta run.


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