Saturday, June 8, 2013

Up Early...

Good Morning all.  I am up early, and although Mostly for whatever reason I usually like to blog today I am in a take it or leave it mode.  I had about the perfect day yesterday, and most of it was because I got a bunch of shit done, and it was Friday.   It was a nice day, I was taking stock of my life, and I looked at my upcoming weekend, and realized I am done already with all that needs to be done.  My normal weekend to do list was already done. 

My mood got ruined, because some stupid and miserable people treated Lisa like SHIT.  Big Business for you.  Instead of someone saying hey this needs to be done so many times/day.  (something really stupid btw)  They took 2 managers and a Store Manager to write her up.  WTF???  

The new people in town basically hate everyone at our store, but their assholeness will be reflected when people get to review them.   Stupidest fucking thing I ever heard.   Like I said though that is Big Business at it's best.  If there is a way to put a life and everything in a Database or a spreadsheet, than that is progress. 

Don't worry about the One manager looking like she just woke up from a big hangover everyday.  Dresses like complete shit, and looks like a fucking ugly slob.   No rules against that.  There is, but you can't fix ugly, mean, and Bitchy I guess.  

As was told to Lisa when she wanted to write something on her write up.  Something she disagreed with privately, well she was told she can do it here, in front of the 3 who were railroading her, because no secrets.   Well there are no secrets, and it is those words that made this story make it into my blog.   :)

The biggest secret is the main guy in charge is not free.  He is a slave to his job, because he can never ever ever lose his job, and make as much money.  His life is his job, and his paycheck.  Ahhhhh,  Capitalism please keep us all slaves.   That is progress.  

Anyway, yesterday I got my first run in for a while.  I was slow.  It was a start, and we'll see. 

Other than that not much going on. 

So I shall see you later.  :) 

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