Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Let's Talk Triathlon...

HA!!!   Psyche.    ;)

Good Morning all.  How's it going??  Me, I am doing okay I guess.  I stayed up late last night, because I ran, and I didn't want to eat dinner, and then I stayed up til I wanted to eat dinner, and I still woke up in time to do this stupid thing.

Nothing much on our run.  Jerry and I did our 6.5-6.7 mile loop.  No knee pain when I run.  I still have a little soreness, but I can run.  My thought was to maybe get something in today if I feel okay, but I think I will take the day off, and we are running again tomorrow.  I am hoping to maybe do some light track workouts soon on my own, but I don't want to do it while I am having lingering knee pain issues.

Only thing I really have planned this Fall is a little local 1/2 marathon, and we'll see what kind of shape I can get in, and what else may be on tap.  So much depends on Health obviously, and I haven't been real lucky in that department the last few years.

Not much else going on.  I have to cut the grass today, and should do some more priming.  I probably won't do any priming though.  I have a book to read, and some movies coming from netflix, and I think I want to start watching some tv show on netflix.  There is a lot of stuff to fill our day huh??

We always think the stuff we do is the most important too.  We are smart, we have our beliefs, and we trust ourselves huh??  I think back and ask myself why me??   How can I be who I am, and do what I have to do??

Couple the things I have been writing on here with just getting people to believe, and trust in the way.  I am pretty sure what I write is logical, and makes sense.  I am pretty sure you never heard any of this stuff before either.  Is it a different way to look at stuff.  Ummmmm yes.

It is said teachers are held to a higher standard, and judged harsher.  So I knew I didn't want that.  Especially after that day outside the garbage room at Bromenn Hospital.  Yet here I am, and I am doing what I for sure did not plan, and did not want.

There is a little story there though huh??   I am able to do all the things I do with my help.  I am not talking about running and stuff, because that really doesn't matter.   There are no points for that.   I know the truth about life, and what it is about.  Like I said points are impossible to come by on your own.  Your hobbies and careers mean nothing in the long run, because what you deem to be important is not in the eyes that matter.  Life is a big trap in that we grow up trusting ourselves, and the things we do.  Whether that is blowing people up with bombs or any other things we do.

Life is a lonely existence.  No one knows you, and you don't really either.  Life is too too busy, especially these days for you to do what needs to be done.  Life leaves us all with a big empty feeling... until you make it to this place I am at now.

Even so this is not my finish line.  Still some more to do, well one thing actually.  It won't be fun, and it won't be pleasant, but I have been willing to do this thing forever.  Follow in the steps that were taken centuries ago.  The hidden thing I was sent to find many many years ago.

That is it for today!!!     :)

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Hope Everyone has a Great and Awesome Day!!!    :)

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Love You All!!!     :)

p.s.  Lisa closes, and Chicago style Hot dogs for dinner for me.   with sauerkraut and the works.   ;)

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