Friday, June 28, 2013

Time To Move On...

Well after 20 years with one company, I  definitely have to say it is time for Lisa to move on.  We have some new people who have come in, and they were gunning after her.   The new Office manager is a mean person.  I typically give everyone the benefit of the doubt, and at first she seemed normal.  Then all of a sudden something triggered her to be just mean and angry.  In a people business such as retail that is a poison atmosphere.  She is in charge of the people who the customers are the last to see.  If they are miserable and hate their job, how is that going to be for business??  For her to be backed in her schemes by the top man in charge is very short-sighted.  So it is definitely time for Lisa to move on. 

No reason to stay in a place run by miserable people.  The thing about our lives too is the amount of freedom.  We don't get paid a lot of money.   As a matter of fact neither of us have had a raise in like a decade.  You max out at a certain time, and there have been no across the board cost of living increases.  Gas is at $4 give or take now, but our cost of living hasn't increased in the last decade or so I guess.   ;)

Anyway Lisa currently makes less than $10/hour.  That is where part time max stops at.  That is a wage that can be replaced anywhere, so might as well do something she would enjoy more, and with better people. 

So in our society the idea is move on and on.  Make more and more money.  Eventually you get to a point where you make too much money to be able to replace at any other job.  You are a slave to your job.   When you are a slave to your job how would you be able to do what the guy was asked in the eye of the needle parable?? 

Like I have said life is one big trap.  The people who read this are not as strong as the people who were asked to do things centuries ago.  See what I mean??  You need a lot of help to just overcome yourself.  You are asked to take a small small blind step.  Also you have to hope above hope if after you are asked to do something you have the strength to have an obedient heart.  For me when I did what I did after the Garbage room at Bromenn Healthcare.  I remembered back to day I was a kid.  My step mom told me to count the amount of things I left on the floor and you will be grounded that many days.   I counted more than what was on the floor to show her.  I was grounded a long time. 

I remembered that, and in my heart I knew that was dumb.  I'll show you by punishing myself worse??  

In my heart was the strength to do what was smart, and not rebel.  I knew right was done right away too, although I was about to start the worst Summer of my life.  Is it written anywhere??   Every word is tested right??   "He who listens to the life giving reproof will get understanding"   "He reproves those he loves" 

Without hindsight we all would perish.  The thing about your journey is you can go on and on, and you will be allowed to go on and on.  I became as bad a a scribe and pharisee, and that was for a reason.

So anyway life is a big old trap, and humans are not strong enough to overcome.  In a World where all the answers are hidden we want to be able to believe in what we can see.  All the most important stuff that happens are not the things you see.  It is your thoughts, and your journey etc...  Not what you portray to others.  There are no points being accepted by Society.  I have been going on and on though. 

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p.s.   I have time for a little run.  Jerry cancelled last night so I went for a shorter run than if we ran together.  So I can run a couple miles now on a day I typically wouldn't run.   win/win

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