Friday, June 21, 2013

Now What??

Good Morning all.  How's it going??  Me, I am doing pretty good.  I finally slept through last night.  I slept til midnight.  Checked the Basketball score, and went back to bed.  I don't have any horses in that race so don't really care.  I was kinda pulling for SA, but whatever.  Miami wins.  Big deal. 

There are no rewards in Heaven for winning Championships, and actually no rewards for any sporting things one might do.  Bobby Knight was right when he told that kid praying.  "Hey,  God doesn't care who wins this game."  

The truth of life is like I said.  There are no points for whatever we put our mind to do.  You get no points for being "better" than another person in anything.   Life is a game of points like I said, and it is not within your power to score those points.  Whatever you put your mind to doesn't matter. 

If you read this blog you probably can get frustrated, because Dammit are we not important??    My whole life's Journey was to learn the true answer.  Not really.  None of us are anything special.  There really was only one who was special.  He came to suffer.  A whole slew of false religions were built around him, because it isn't even in our power to be able to understand what he preached. 

My eyes were opened a long time ago to be able to see the sword, and read the sword.  Oooooh, I thought I was special.  I was going to use my sword for all it was worth, and be the best person ever.  That thinking led me to the garbage room outside of Bromenn Healthcare. 

So I have had this knowledge for a long time.  A little knowledge goes a very short way.  Without understanding there is very very little you can do.  I have done a lot though somehow.  None of it was my doing.  I have been helped through my various ordeals, because  the one who works for our salvation is not us. 

Who can accept these hard things???   Who is willing to look at the unfabulous us??   It isn't what we have been taught by Society.  Nope, and Society doesn't teach the truth, and that is probably why we all are so miserable.   The truth helps.  The truth leads the way, but it isn't what we expect. 

Like I said the truth is a Bitch.  Few can accept it.  Few want to, because it means the great percentages of people are wrong, and have been for all time. 

It seems like a shitty story to our understanding, and it sure is.  Understanding is something we all lack, and like I have said before some serious Shit went down with that apple eating thing.  I have seen the serious side of stuff.  I spent 6 days with the one who started that apple eating thing inside me.   That fucker is serious, and he is pissed.  He doesn't want anyone to find out what the truth is.  He is more than happy with all the teachings of all the false religions.  He built his house on them.  You know where you have to build your house. 

You know the way.  Who has the strength and courage to do the tough stuff that needs to be done.  Who wants to score the real points that matter?? 

Anyone????   Anyone????  

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p.s.  Jerry and I ran our 6.5+ miler yesterday.  I have embraced the heat about to come. 

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