Wednesday, November 3, 2010

This Is Going To Be The Worst Blog Entry Ever!!

I know it!!

Holy SHEESH!!  I have nothing to write, I don't think.  I don't even know what to start with.  So let's start with the day.  It was voting day.  I didn't vote.  I was under a bit of peer pressure to vote too, but still didn't.  People smarter than me voted, and tried to get me to vote, but I still didn't.  Maybe voting would be more interesting if there weren't polls.  In West Michigan only Republicans get elected.  The white Dutch person is a conservative religious right dude in most cases.  That is how our area has voted forever.  Don't worry a string of Right Wing Presidents got us into the first Depression, and now has us in another doozy.  Our Economy is pumped with fake money right now.  I think it went to the wrong places.  Pump money into the economy for jobs, not to banks who don't lend.  I haven't looked to see who still sits on TARP money, but I know 4 banks basically have a monopoly.  Anti-trust enforcement = competition.  Americans like competition... except in the Business place????   BLEH!!

Competition puts creative people to work to use their minds, and make life fun.  Now people many times are enslaved to their jobs, so the upper 1% can get theirs.  How does one company in an industry buy up another company in the same industry???  How does that help things???   You see, on paper that is against the law, but in real life it isn't.  These are the people you vote into office.  They will do the same thing.   If every company wants to slash payroll payroll payroll.  Who will the spenders be??  2/3 of the economy is consumer driven, and the consumer is not driving much these days.  With good competition people will put all their creative energies to work to make a better and better product.  With little competition the work life is bland.

You want to really really really make this country great???  Make it smarter.  Make Higher Education more accessible to people.  Smarter will equal better in the long run.  You have to have faith in that.  Also smarter in the long run will also equal better citizens.  Now our citizens some believe what they hear on FOX news, and some on other news outlets.  MSNBC last time I watched was almost as bad, but on the other side.  Just because a person is on TV does not make him or her smart.  Well...  I think Marilynn Monroe was probably smart, although I am not sure of anything she ever said.  :)   j/k.   

Well, that was an unintended rant.  SHEESH!!!

BTW the direction of a country whose citizens are more educated is progressive in the long run.  FYI!!  A thought to be pondered.  :)  Faith is a long term belief, not a short term gain.

Remember the building blocks... Diligence, Endurance, Steadfastness, Patience, and Perseverance. 

That is it for today!!!   :)

Thanks for reading!!!   :)

Hope Everyone has a Great and Awesome Day!!!   :)

xo's!!!   :)

Love You All!!   :)

p.s. still didn't run.  I know if I feel something when I walk on concrete at work it won't feel good if I run on pavement or sidewalks.  I am enlightened like that.   :)    We'll see about today.

Now for really really cya cya cya!!!   :)

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