Sunday, November 28, 2010

Productive Day Followed With Beer!!! :)

Well I had a productive day yesterday.  Be warned here, I think I may have a lot on my mind, so this could be long.  You have been warned.  :)

First off I was tired Friday, so after work, I did some stuff around the house.  I was pretty productive for a Friday night.  Lisa and I have been eating lunch on Fridays so I haven't been too too productive on Fridays.  This Friday was different so I got a ton of stuff done around the house, and was in bed by 7:30.  I wanted to read my book, but couldn't keep my eyes open.

So anyway falling asleep so early = wake up early Saturday.  So I do my blog thing... which I love doing.  This is totally totally one of my favorite things to do.  Can you tell?   :) lol.   I then start some laundry, and start my morning workout.  My morning workout consisted of 5 sets of 10 push ups.  Kinda starting from scratch, so not a lot, and I am sore.  Give me a couple of weeks, and I won't be sore, and I'll get my reps up.  I could have done more, but you know me, I don't like to always bust it.  Keeps everything fresh... maybe??  I dunno, but I like things to be challenging, but not always.  Some days you just won't have the energy, and you still want your normal workout to be able to get done.  That is my way of thinking anyway.  You can always always add harder stuff on good days or whatever.  I stay flexible with what I want to do, and what I end up doing.  Oh dear this is going to be a long long long entry.  :)

I also got back to doing pull ups.  I ended up doing 4 sets of 5 , and 1 set of 4 of those.  That last set, the 5th was not going to happen.  :)  I think you know what I mean there.  :)  Then I got my run on.  Now I was planning on doing an 8 mile loop.  I cut that short, because well,  I am out of shape.  I had that lung burning out of shape feeling.  Nothing major, but I will need a week or so to get back into longer running shape.  Legs feel good today though, so I will get another run in today.  Probably a 4 miler.  Yesterday I ended up going 5.45 miles @ 9:35 pace.  Harder than I imagined.  All in all though it feels good to be back at it.  I have a desire to do more and more again.  I think that bodes well for a good winter of training.  Oh, and pretty much decided to sign up for the Bayshore Marathon.  No initial goals.  I'd like to break 4 hours again.  Can I get down to 3:30-3:40??  Who knows?  I will train and do my best, how's that??  :)

So goals this upcoming year are Spring and Fall Marathon.  For a person with my limited skills that is an accomplishment in itself.  I would like to run the Riverbank 25 K for the 6th year in a row.  I want to find a half marathon to actually race all out.  See what I can do at that distance.  Remember I only marathon paced those suckers before, and that is what my p.r. is.  Also improve upon my 5K time.  Other than that we'll see.  I am excited to have another year of running to do though.  You have no idea.  Well, you who race know.  :)  You got the bug worse than me.  :)

That is that.  Oh yesterday I cleaned the kitchen, did more laundry, changed the oil in the vehicles...  what else??  Organized some stuff, paid some bills, took a little nap.  By 3:00 I was beat.  Of course I was up for 12 hours at that point going pretty much non-stop less my nap.  So if you wake up at 7:00 am, that equates to 7:00 pm. 

So I decided to go to New Holland and fill my growler.  I usually have a couple of beers, and fill it up.  It was fun.  I saw the girl I have a crush on.  She has straight blond hair.  She reminds me of Gina.  I sat next to her husband.  I didn't know it was her husband, til after her shift.  I should get to know her name, because we are always like "oh hi"  :)  I also saw the bartender I had a crush on last summer.  :)  She recognized me too.  Maybe because I complimented her on Halloween.  I told her she looked great.  :)  I am such a slut.  :)  lol.

There was some dude there talking my ear off.  I don't mind a good conversation, but he was talking about beer.  That was it beer and microbrews, and pubs that sell microbrews.  Are you kidding??  SHEESH!!  I buried my head in my phone to shut him up.  He got the hint.  :)  I mean who can talk about beer for 30 minutes straight??  Beer is to talk about interesting things.  Races, politics, philosophy, life, hopes, fears, dreams, everything... just not beer.  :)  lol

So that is that.  Today like I said I am going to get a run, grocery shopping, and some more stuff around the house.  Get my trainer hooked up too.  :)

I have more, but guess I'll stop at that.

So guess that is it for today!!!   :)

Thanks for reading!!!   :)

Hope Everyone has a Great and Awesome Day!!!   :)

xo's!!!   :)

Love You All!!!   :)

p.s. the Chicago Bulls are pretty dang good this year.  Watch out for  them!!  :)

now for really really cya cya cya!!!   :)

p.p.s.  My mom is on a trip to the South freaking Pole!!  Bundle up.  :)

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