Saturday, December 31, 2016

Some Things You Don't Expect.

Hello, and good morning. How's it going?   Me, I am fine. Today is New Years Eve. Typically I give myself a 5% chance of staying up til midnight on these days. I never stay up til midnight. I may wake up for the day at midnight, but not the other way around. Last night??  I stayed up til midnight watching the football game.

Throw all the rules out.  :)  I kept thinking one more drive, and I am going to bed. It didn't look good for MI, but they made a game of it, and it was exciting.

So that's that. Today I have to work a bit. There is a little shin dig at the bakery I may stop by. Depends how I feel after work. That's about it. I have all of tomorrow off, and back to my routine. Next day off for me probably is Memorial Day.

Also I don't really find time to do a lot of reading, so I've been doing audio books. I got the 2nd Game Of Thrones checked out. I think they have most  of those to listen to for free from our library.

That's about it for me. Nothing too exciting going on here. I guess tomorrow we start a New Year, and on Monday I'll be in my full routine.

What will this year have??  Probably not much. It is just life you know. We pile up the days in our little lives.  One after another. One day they all end though. The truth of life is more apparent if we look to the end. Not the day to day of whatever it is we fill our time with.

Anyways I woke up early enough so I wrote a little.

Nothing too terribly important. Maybe that is what this year will be like.  My stupid little life.  I think all the prior ones were too.  :)

I'm gonna call it a day. 

Laterzzzzzz.   :)

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