Friday, December 16, 2016

This Thing Can Be Hard.

I really don't have too much to put on this thing. Yesterday I deleted,  and tried to sleep more.

What's to say??  I am just living my little life here. I work, I eat, and I sleep. My heart really doesn't want too much of life, because there really isn't much here.

What is there to accomplish in life?  Yesterday I ran. When the temps are in the teens it is nice to have someone to run with. Jerry and I got out for around 4-1/2 miles. I gauge how fast I am by my easy pace. I am still not fast, but my easy pace is going in the right direction.  It is a long process of run run run, and hopefully stay healthy.

Sometimes in this World you'll see people want to change it. Be anti war and shit like that. A view to this World is pretty ugly. When you put a bunch of imperfect people in a World with many Countries things don't come out perfect.

You seek out a voice of reason, and there are none. Everyone's mind is clouded with imperfection. Our upbringing isn't perfect. Our Country isn't perfect. Our learning isn't perfect. You can read a ton of books. But that is shit coming from people just like you.

The sword won't make you perfect either. The story is one of reconciliation really. Us dealing with our lives. Everybody has some kind of silly sword they carry. I am married. I had kids. I do this,  and that.

In the end I think fear is important. We are imperfect people,  and that matters. If we look at our life in a mirror maybe we don't want people to see everything.

I know very few people. I know most/all think they are on good ground. All have baggage. The religions of the World teach some garbage. The World teaches garbage.

Everyone is out to prove they are good enough kinda. You can be better, but you need help.

I have reconciled myself as this imperfect person who cannot be perfect on my own.

The story is about acceptance. It also goes past that. Currently I stand like Adam before the fall. One came though, and taught a way that went further. In the end few will make that whole path. The World is powerful. False messages are plentiful.

The people's biggest mistake is they think they are all that. There is a powerful arrogant side to all. There also is a humble little kid too inside us all. The little kid has to win.

The David inside you has to beat your Goliath. How do you propose that happens?? 

The sword blocks the way. That won't save you. Your sacrifices won't save you. Your labors won't save you. How do you propose to make a better heart for you?

It is through forgiveness and reconciliation,  but Goliath isn't scared. He is arrogant,  and puts his faith in his might.

You are screwed. No way out.

You ain't getting any better either. We are in the wilderness now too, and I don't give a fuck about much.

Well see what today brings. I'll have a day, and it should be good. Work, and then a nice meal.

That is it for today!!!   :)

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