Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Some Days...

Some days you wake up with nothing on your mind. That is me today.

Yesterday was pretty okay. Work went fine. Not a terribly long day like I feared. I drove to work,  so I picked up a prime rib to make for dinner. It is always pretty cheap around Christmas time. We also put up a wall mount microwave range hood thingy. They aren't really easy to put in. Lisa figured most of the technical stuff of how to do it, and it is in.

I suck at wanting to do house shit. I can do stuff, I just don't like to.  Add another day down. Another one just starting.

So, what are my plans??  To work,  eat, sleep. Tonight is a run night. I plan on being mostly happy. Mostly upbeat,  cuz I can.

Maybe something strange about me is if I look back on my life I am cool with it. No need for me to strive after wind. Nothing I am chasing. I live my days fulfilled I guess. I wake up most/every morning with a lot of energy.

I am not perfect,  but we all can say that. I know my life, and what it's about. I dealt with me though. I know me through and through. That is where you and I differ. You don't know yourself too well. You are not sure what is inside you that makes you less of what you want to be.

You also don't know why every day isn't groundhogs day for you. Why do you not wake up every day feeling the same way? Well rested with a lot of energy to start the day.

I know relationships aren't perfect. They never are. As we are a bundled up mess of imperfection with mood changes, so is everyone else. Some people may not give a fuck about what you think is so important.

It is life. The World tries to dress it up as this great thing. Life is dirty though. Filled with anger, lust, judging. It is filled with people who think their minds are these great things, and that is the biggest obstacle probably.

The truth of life is hidden from you. Impossible for you to see. It isn't given to those who don't take the right steps. You just remain the creature you were born as.

That matters. You don't want to stay on the path of the multitudes. They have no idea what they are doing.

You don't either,  but you can. It is all right in front of you. To learn about yourself is to learn about others. We all fail. So much is out of our control. I imagine most think much is in our control.

Anyway. I guess that's good.

Laterzzzzzz.   :)

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