Friday, December 2, 2016

A Different Week.

This week has been different. I drove to work a lot. Monday I was tired. Yesterday I slept as late as I could. Our house is a mess. Life can get crazy sometimes.

You can plan all you want, but shit will always get messed up. Say you always want to have the dishes done, but you are tired, and you don't give a fuck.

That is one thing you cannot plan on. Those times when your plans say you should be doing such and such, but inside you don't give a fuck about that today.

I should have done dishes when I got home yesterday,  but I didn't give a fuck about them. Maybe I should do dishes now,  but I am doing this. I am going to run next. Maybe after that.

Other than that not much going on. My running  has been all Fucked up this week too. I should have done speed work yesterday,  but I didn't. I sat on my ass, and listened to an audio book. I check them out online through our library for free. I like that. Maybe I'll get sick of it sometime.

That is something about me though. When I get home,  and just feel like sitting on my ass. 99/100 times I won't turn on the TV. I'll just sit there and think of things. Nothing really,  and maybe everything.

It is kinda a strange place we are at kinda. I am just living out my days, and happy to do it. I work,  eat, sleep.

My life is pretty simple I guess. In life I miss out on nothing. My bucket is full kinda, so there is no bucket list.

I am happy with work,  eat, sleep.

I do this thing too which more and more seems dumb. Life is dumb kinda. My mind thinks so much shit is dumb, but us people place importance in things that have none really.

To single us out as special is what we wanna do I guess.

I don't know. Thinking out loud I guess, with this dumb blog.   :)

Tomorrow is Saturday.  Cool.

I am out.

Later.   :)

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