Saturday, December 17, 2016

Good Thing It Is Only December

My long run this week looks like it will be scratched. We got a good amount of snow last night, and the roads, and sidewalks won't be plowed. I'll run, but probably not terribly long. It might be quite the effort to get a 3 miler in. We'll see.   Lisa and I have plans after work, so I can't run then. I may pick up a run Sunday or Monday. I can easily add miles Tuesday too, cuz I wait around to run. Also it is only December so not the end of the World.

I could run on the snow melt, but Hope wants a run I am sure. I neglect her when it is in the teens with high winds. I like to come home,  and stay warm.

Yesterday was pretty normal. Work,  eat, sleep. I didn't ride my bike to work just cuz. I picked up some groceries after.

I did fall asleep really early last night. I am up early today though,  and that is the way I like it anyway.

Yesterday was probably one of those doozy ones. The funny thing of life is you have no idea what you got yourself into.

At work people are always talking about stories of the Ark. How did they fit all the animals in?  Was the  Earth repopulate by incest?? 

I don't know all these things. One thing I know is no one fights Wars for God. He doesn't need a human's help. Those who think they fight and kill for him will be in for a shock.

The question for the atheist is how did the World get populated?   What makes us smarter than the dust and ashes we turn into?? 

I wouldn't argue about time frames, because a day is as a 1000 years. On the 7th day he rested, and that day has not come yet. We're still on day 6 I guess.

I was thinking earlier a sword is just a view of what is right,  and what is wrong. We all carry one of those. We do it poorly too. There is the other sword that is pretty much useless without understanding. Those who live by the sword die by the sword,  so those who go to Church are taught wrong things. Bible studies are useless. They won't save you, and they won't make you better.

Churches kick people out with their bad teaching. Everyone is allowed in the fold. No one is perfect. Gay people are welcome, murderers, adulterers, thiefs. You name it.

The religious will have the toughest time, cuz they think they are right. Judgers too, because they have themselves placed on a pedestal.

The way is for the humble. The ones who know they might not be the best person,  but they'd like to be. The ones who seek for a purpose to their existence.

To be human is to be wrong. It is to fall short. It is to be arrogant in ways. We believe we are smart, but our understanding is very low. Our hearts give people a hierarchy,  so we have heroes. We falsely believe life is about such and such,  because our hearts are wrong.

Remember way back when people are always trying to show their worth,  and the story is really someone is willing to increase yours as a person. You have to come to him though,  and that is pretty frightening really.

I've been accepted though. My fear is no longer, cuz I am exposed. I can be seen. Inside me is light, because I am mostly spirit.

The log that blocks everyone's vision has been removed. A long time ago. It is how I know it is very dark in you. Hard to see inside.

Anyhoooo, Hope and I have to run. It will be slow,  and probably short,  but it will be a good workout though. It should be fun.

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