Saturday, December 3, 2016

The Freedom Of Winter.

One thing you can say about winter is if you have to do a long run it don't matter when you do it. I was tired last night, and every time I woke up I was worried about time. Do I have enough time before work?  I'd fall back asleep,  and now I am just going to run after work. Weather is always probably best in the early afternoon anyway.

That is an easy decision. Pretty sure that was about it on my mind besides some work stuff. We are about to hit a pretty crazy busy time. It should be fun kinda. Plus I've done it one year already too,  so I know what to expect.

Anyway we know this person. Everyone can see his life is about to fall over a cliff. This person is selfish kinda cuz people who count on him are the ones who suffer the most.

When life turns to shit you still have to work right??  What good is it to be homeless??  There is a new born involved too.

In life sometimes you find people who take take take. Maybe those lives need to fall over a cliff to find a better smarter way.

You see potential sorta,  but you lose trust. Eventually you were acquainted at one time with someone you cannot count on.

Their life is about to go over a cliff. I have no idea where that tragic story ends.  Probably not good. You just let it go.  They make their own mistakes, and they live with the consequences.

It seems in this case you view as an objective viewer, and at some point when you lose trust, when you see in the long run they will just screw people you let them go.

You lose no sleep over it, cuz you really can't save people from their own mistakes. Especially when you cannot really trust their honesty.

Anyways that's a story about a guy at work. A girl he got knocked up, and a baby with a bleak future. A bleak future for them all really.

What gets me most is I have a good job. The people treat me great. He has a good job too, and the people treat him great, and he threw it all away... Probably.

I didn't want to talk about it on here cuz some may read it, but it is true shit about life.

We will not save people from their actions, and really we cannot see enough of the future to know where their path leads anyway.

As for me,  I am not worried about my future. It is in good hands. I worry about my running a bit, cuz I am switching from my plan a bit. I saw a guy at the race I used to run with. They run on Tuesdays, and I am going to start doing that with them. I worry about jumping up to more than 3 days. I am worried about speed work. I didn't do it this week. My legs were kinda tight. It rained a lot last week. My legs felt great yesterday on my short run, so I expect a good run today.

Anyways life goes on. I continue to work,  I continue to eat, and I continue to sleep. I continue to run too.

Now I am finishing my coffee. I think I'll take Hope for a little walk, even though she will get a 10 mile run in this afternoon.

Have a good one.  :)

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