Sunday, July 17, 2016

Yesterday Was Better.

So anyway I woke up way early yesterday, but I never did get tired like last week. So I actually got some stuff done. Weeded my little garden. Way overdue. Folded all my laundry too. That is always a hit or miss if I do that. I should organize my clothes better. That shit gets jumbled over time.

I made a roast with fresh zucchini. Had some ice cream and went to bed.

There is a lot of ugly in the World. People killing people all the time. Everyone is mad about something. Information is everywhere. News outlets, conspiracy theories,  most things are bent to make people mad. Anger is good at bringing about hate. I imagine most anger comes from people feeling life cheated them somehow.

You were never promised anything in life. None of you are better than Anne Frank is my guess. If you read her she wasn't angry. She kinda just wondered why.

It was the people in power that cause war,  and stuff. Wars get started cuz people feel cheated. Some kill in the name of religion til this day. Hate is alive and active in this World. In my opinion if you are a news junky than you are probably an angry person. I don't think anything good comes from watching a person wearing a suit or uniform talking.

The religious give you a false message, and the news people are tilted toward anger. One can learn from Anne Frank. Her life was in her head. She thought about a lot of stuff. She wasn't necessarily a creature created by society. Her society hated her cuz she was a Jew.

Anyway. Hate is alive and thriving.  Anger is everywhere. Ya kinda wonder where did it all go wrong??  The history of the World is it never was right. It all went wrong cuz it's always been wrong.

Anger comes from a person who just isn't happy. People aren't happy for any number of reasons. To find the reason for their anger they seek a scapegoat. Maybe all people are angry,  and an angry person can watch the news from any side and find their scapegoat. A better thing to seek is oneself. Why is anger here? 

You'll eventually find the anger melt away, cuz you will finally deal with your life. It is your undealt with hurt that causes anger.

No matter what you gotta deal with life. No one is a Saint.

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p.s. today is work, and the gonna hang with Brian and Lisa's friend Greg. I ran into him at the grocery store.  Have a few beers and cook a few burgers.

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Extras of these xoxoxoxoxoxo

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