Thursday, July 14, 2016

A Westerly Wind Does Not Always Come With A Warning Label.

Hello, and good morning. How's it going??  Me, I am doing good. I thought of some things yesterday. The difference between you and I is staggering. How I am you cannot even remotely understand, cuz this World is not open to you. When I was like you I didn't know, how I am now, was a thing. So yeah I had no one to show me the ropes.

I can give you some of the sword. How it sounds to a human, but really the Spiritual nature of it.

The rich man parable. How that sounds to a human is one thing, but it really is another. Kinda like he who lives by the sword.

A rich person is one who is full. A poor person is one who is poor in spirit. A rich person will completely lack the fear needed to stay on the path when it gets hard. Blessed are the poor in Spirit.

I know during the hard times fear was my friend. I didn't have much, but I did have fear. That was a pretty good crutch, cuz of the great promise of it will go well for those who fear. Fear as a human is probably not a thing either. The World has to be opened up for you to have fear. From what I remember anyway.

Anyway that is that. Kinda a tough thing huh??  You have no correct teachers. People always argue sides, and their side is wrong. History doesn't teach. Society doesn't teach,  and religion doesn't teach.

We enter this planet lost.  There is no real way to be found either. We are at the mercy of much, yet typically we believe in our intellect and stuff. We are smart. We can figure it out.

One thing that is impossible for you is to open your eyes so you can see the sword as it is. One thing impossible for me is to get understanding. Without understanding the sword is of little use.

So, I have a pretty crazy story. It is a story you cannot even remotely understand really. How I am you currently cannot be. Really I guess for a LONG time I have been trying to bridge the gap, but that struggle is quite a bit more than I thought.

Life goes on though. I know the truth of life,  and it really makes much silly. The things people cling to in the end don't matter much, but who can let go of life??  Who can trust that much??  In my story I had no idea what I was doing. I just didn't see much in life, and what I wanted most was a purpose.

I do live out my days with a purpose. A purpose that hasn't been terribly successful thus far, but victory was never up to me.

Standing where I am now I see I am just a vessel. Other than that I am little use.

The work I do is not from me. I had to learn a lot of life,  and I guess it ain't a horrible thing to stand where I stand. There always is the final chapter of the current version of me, and the beginning of the new me.

At that point the World will hate me, cuz it will know I am it's enemy. Currently I am not that person yet.

I am afraid at that point the World will be on a crash course.


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