Sunday, July 24, 2016

Coffee, and A Blog.

Seems like old times huh??  I am on my not drinking coffee again. Not for any reason,  but I don't feel like it. Today I think I'll have one. First one this week I think. Well, I didn't have any last week.

Yesterday was another day. I worked some, and not much else. I made dinner, and had a bit of wine. Probably less than I might normally have.

Anyway out here in the wilderness there isn't much of any value. All our deeds can go unnoticed, cuz they don't really mean anything. I've been through the wilderness before. Not a fun place. We definitely see our true worth here. We see what life is really like.

Life is time. Lots of it. Life is dressed up. A lot of anger in the World. Probably like that every year there is a Presidential election. I will not vote in this election,  cuz it doesn't interest me. I just don't care about it.

A lot of stuff comes from both sides. You would think people got better stuff to do, but then again. What else should one spend their time? 

Anyways my days are mostly the same. A little work, some sleeping,  and some eating. You don't really get any points for any of these activities, but it is what one does to live.

Points come from hard things. Things not seen. We are nowhere near there yet. You are still a product of this World. Not your fault.  All people born here are a product of this World. As you look back at your life you can see a lot of imperfection. The natural tendency is to throw that under a rug, and forget about it.

That shit is still important. Life has to be dealt with, and all of us have some BS in our lives. I know the way to bridge the gap from where I stand to where you stand. You do have to come my way.

I cannot take your steps for you though. That is your battle. You vs. You. You the GREAT vs. You that person who was once a kid. One of you is looking for accolades,  and standing ovations, and things like that. The other will find forgiveness, and the truth.

One way there definitely is humility before honor. That is the hard way though. Few in the History of the World find this hidden route. I found it in my earlier years. It was locked inside me for a long time, cuz it had to come out at the proper time.

Not my story, and not my doing.

Just so you know though. Inside this World there is no meaning, and no value. It is just life. People have been doing it for billions of years. Not any better than you either.

In a World where you want heroes you can be assured there aren't any.

So it is just you this World and life. No points in this World either. No points in groups either. Even the ones who reach the pinnacle of whatever they spend their time on.

The truth is tough. It shows how powerless you are,  when we all want to feel empowered. That comes later. Humility before honor.

Anyways that is it and all that.  :)

Have a good one.  xoxoxoxoxo

Byeeee.   :)

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