Tuesday, July 5, 2016

I Don't Know How To Day Off.

So, I had two days off, and that seems weird. I stayed up later than normal. I drank beer. I rarely drink beer. I didn't really feel fresh when I woke up. I didn't really get a lot done with the house. I wanted to read my book, and I didn't. I didn't even watch any movies on Netflix.

We did see the a Tarzan movie yesterday, and it was good.  One of the community service guys from Lisa's work fixed our table saw, so we can do the counter top. That is lisa's project. We have the plywood ready, and we will need two cuts.

Yesterday was a Holiday, and it is just as dumb as all other Holidays. People have to place importance in stupid things, or else they would have to come to the realization life is dumb.

I didn't even blog on my two days off come to think of it. Not that I had anything to write.

I was asked to go in an hour early today,  which ain't no thing. I have no idea what I'll be walking in to. What I do can be done at anytime,  so not sure how me going in early helps. We'll see I guess.

I guess it is back to work for me. I had two days off, but I don't feel out of it. I am ready to go back to work, and I don't have that I was a complete lazy ass on my days off feeling.

I didn't do much.

Anyway. That is all she wrote for today.

I could totally delete this, cuz it is dumb.


Laterzzzzzz.    :)

Sometimes I look around and think, am I the only one who realizes everything in life is dumb?? 

Here today, and gone tomorrow. In the meantime people never ponder the truth. Any of the isms are horse shit. Parades are dumb, and so are holidays. 

It is life. One day we will die, and in the meantime when will any of you ask the right question?? 

What if everything is wrong??? 

It's a good question,  cuz everything is wrong,  until you are made right.

On our own we are Fucked.

Now for really really later later later.  :)


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