Saturday, September 19, 2015

Where Does Life Go??

Geesh, I was just thinking where does life go??  Yesterday after work Jacob, Beau, and I stopped in after work for a few drinks. I thought about this earlier this a Summer, but I've known these guys approaching 20 years. Like 18 or something, and that amounts to half their life. Crazy huh??

Before them there was the Miller Lite gang. Back in the day 4 of us would drink copious amounts of Miller Lite on the weekends. Do you want to know what my mind was like back then??

Those were the dead years. Back then I knew I still had more stuff to do, but the story of me was closed up inside. There was no heimleblog, and I didn't know there was going to be. Just a guy living a life. Making mistakes along the way, because you know, I still thought the World worked in a logical manner.

I was still through the eye of the needle, because that happened decades ago, but rarely did I think about it, cuz it was the dead years. I knew my job was to overcome 3 times, but I kinda thought I probably overcame twice AT LEAST. Little did I know.

Funny how things definitely for sure were started up during the running blog days that I know, and maybe even before it.

I was at a visitation with Melgert, and that side of Lisa's family. Melgert is now dead, and his brother Ken's wife is dead now too. Crap Jackie is dead, and my brother is dead.

Where did life go??

I don't know how you think, but my life is in good hands. I don't have questions, and it is really good to be me.

What a crazy story huh??  Totally not of my making, but when I gave up my coin, which is everything, a whole new coin was made up for me. It was hard, and terrifying, because I battled the dark forces of the World that are invisible to the eye. Being poor in Spirit is to be open for any other to come in and wreak havoc, but I had to learn who controls all things, and I had to learn to trust.

So it is a coin of learning, and truth, and all good things like that. It is a coin of strength. I am not even done yet. I still have one thing to do.

Wait,  what is it again you do?




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