Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Taking A Step Back...

That is sort of what yesterday was about, and maybe the 3 days before it too. Just taking a quick look back and thinking Holy Hell some things are just silly.

So whatever, on I go. I got a pretty good night sleep last night. I went to bed around 8:00, and woke up an hour before my alarm, and just relaxed a bit. I thought of some things, not really sure if anything was real important.

I did think for me death has no sting. It isn't anything I am afraid of, but I would feel bad for Lisa. I think that may be a bit significant, because others probably worry about that stuff maybe, but I have no idea.

I lived life long enough, and seen enough to realize life is what it is I guess. Yesterday I said a sentence I thought was pretty true of me. I work, I eat, and do whatever the Fuck I want. I don't look toward Politics, cuz why would I??  I have no time for that crap. I don't do religion either, cuz that is a big waste of time. Nope, I do what I want, and don't spend any moment of my life worrying about silly things, as far as I can tell just make people mad.

Life isn't this end of the rainbow great thing, but I got no time for all those "smart" people who just waste their time in empty pursuits. I work, I eat, and do what the Fuck I want.

A free life I guess.

So anyway as I looked back at this blog I realized what a mess it is. This blog must be important, cuz why else would I do it??

I also thought a few days ago the table turned. It seems I reached out, but now the people have to come to me.

I don't ... That would have been a lie. I was going to say I don't like to waste time, but if I am not working that is probably the one thing I most like to do.  :)  I don't waste time on empty pursuits though, so I am pretty strong on my own you know??

Anyway, I am just jotting shit down.

Laterzzzzz.  :)



One other thing I just thought about is why if you have one life would you want to be invisible??  Scared, so you bury your coin in the ground??  That is what that is.

Okay gotta go now.   Cya.

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