Wednesday, September 16, 2015

What A Novelty...

I love my early/late alarm thing. I was so tempted to just sleep til my late alarm, but decided to get up. The main reason is energy. I can get up now, and start my day like I had 5 cups of strong coffee. I could sleep longer, and still start my day like I had 5 cups of strong coffee. It is why I don't drink coffee anymore. It won't do anything for me.

So I thought about myself, and I think two things about me. Just this silly person who does silly things. Me having fun doing what I do. Then I thought about the other part of me. What I do. This thing, and what I mean. I caught a glimpse of my significance I guess you could say, and I was like WOAH!!  I don't normally think in those terms.

Mostly I just kinda do what I do, and know everything will turn out fine.  I am not sure if I think too too much about how it is to be you, but I know I am lucky. To be so many steps ahead of you hasn't always been that great. I hid a lot for a long time, because it wasn't time to tell my story. Sometime during the journey it all opened up. Oh the things I've seen.

So I have many many many things to be thankful for, and trust me I am.

You have a job to do, and it won't be easy. You have to battle the two sides of you. The one that thinks you are "good enough", and the little voice inside that wants you to be the best person you can be.

It is not an easy struggle, because one side is stronger than the other, but the weak side has to win. Deep down you really want freedom. You want to be able to stand up to the World, but your side that overpowers you wants no part of that. The light it has no use for. Even though it overpowers you it is too weak to stand up to the World.

Then of course we all are busy with our day to day stuff that is just weeds keeping the truth of life out.

It is very very good to be so much further along than you. My story took decades to come to light. I am almost done with it too. Just waiting on you people.

I kinda chuckle at my new rule too. The you have to come to me thing.

Funny funny.

All right I am out.




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