Monday, September 14, 2015

I Have A Limit.

Hello, and good morning. How's it going??  Me, u am doing pretty good. I was able to watch the bears game yesterday, and they didn't look too bad. GB had a couple lucky plays in my opinion that may have turned the game, but who cares. The Bears shouldn't do anything this year, and it is just sportsing anyway.

I sleep like shit Saturday night, or didn't sleep at all once 10:00 PM rolled around. No reason I just couldn't sleep, and I had to be at work by 3:00 AM. Work was fine, but when I got home I napped a bit. I woke up still tired, and watched football.

I have a limit of drinks that is my max. It is 4 drinks, and I had 5. Oops. :)  I slept it off. I have no secret, but I never really get hungover. I never get a headache from drinking. I can go years without taking an aspirin, and I think currently I am on year(s) since I've had one.

Just stupid boring shit about me. Perhaps the non boring part of me is this here. This blog. Something I have no idea how it looks to you. One thing of me is I know where people stand. It is way different than where you want to stand, and where you think you stand.

So I guess I am the only one who blogs anymore, and that probably is because people have no idea. No idea where you stand. No idea what a good person is supposed to do. If there was one thing you could do to make you the best person you could be would you do it??  Could you ?

There are humans, and there is a best a person can be. It is a great divide between the two, and impossible for humans to make that jump. Seems if it is impossible then the people just try to color themselves as something better than they are.

You can just read your heart too really. There is no way that is the best a person can be is it??

So how does one go about making those steps to becoming a better person. For one thing throw your coloring books away. You aren't kidding anyone.

It is just the truth that is asked of you, because through the truth you will find answers.

You kinda gotta give up your omniscient viewpoint, cuz none of us are.

We all have one thing in common. We are not as good as is possible. I am currently better than what I would have been, but not at all who I want to be.

I will get there though, cuz I did win, and now everything will be done for me. Everything already has been done for me, but I just had to learn how weak and pathetic I really am. :)

Anyway just hitting something down.

I have a cat sleeping on me. :)




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