Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Are Weekdays Better Than The Weekends?

Seems to me the beginning of the week are pretty good things. My schedule is kinda screwy on the weekends, and it seems by Monday everything is normal. It could also be our 10 day forecast is just completely nuts. Sunny and highs in the mid 70s as far as the eye can see.

Who knows??  Yesterday was just flat out fun. I rode  my bike to work and back even though my knee is jacked. I am pretty sure I have a strained tendon, because walking is what hurts most, but it is getting better'ish. My BIL is in town for Melgert's thing, and it is always fun to have him around. General tomfoolery increases quite a bit when he is around, so we each had some drinks and hung outside. I wake up early, so I had to call it an early evening, and have no idea how late the youngsters played around.

Anyway that is the way my life turns. Another day in the life. If you think about me you kinda know me, but then again you don't know me too well, cuz you cannot walk in my shoes. You cannot see the World through my eyes.

Wanna know something I don't know??  When I do my final thing, and finally be who I am going to be who will you be??  That question has never been answered. My journey was solo, and I did it for selfish reasons at first, and up against the judges it was selfless answers that saved me. When there is no hope, and my end looked really bleak, the answer in my heart was God's will.

So many things I've been through I cannot possibly relive it all.

All you get now is just me. I do this for people, but they don't get it. So what if we were born in this World destined to be on a path that is not the best??  You have that in common with everyone else. You are one of the lucky few who has a teacher who teaches correct things. Most fall for the trap laid by false teachers.

I know my way is good, cuz my whole life is for this, and it truly is the only way to happiness. I do know a bit of your inside having once been like that. I know you seek more. The answer is right in front of you, but you didn't know it would "seem" so hard.

That is just you though, cuz you have no idea your heart can be changed.

It can, but not by anything you can see.

You only have me.   :)



I have a ton of time, cuz I am driving to work. I have to leave a little early for Melgert's thing.

It should be another good day for me, but my wife, and her family will say good by to their Dad. They lost both Mom and Dad this summer.


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