Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Just Some Things I Guess...

I sorta thought of a couple things yesterday. Maybe I thought if a lot of things, but I think in our hearts we want to be free. To be able to do as we choose. Maybe some have a yearning to go to Walden pond, and see what living like that is.

Who knows, but life doesn't really let us do it does it??  Many people decide to go the kid route, and now your life is no longer your own. Now your 'I's need to be dotted, and 'T's crossed. You cannot be the free carefree kid you once were. You are now a slave to your income, and actually we kinda are anyway with or without kids. You have to be a certain way to be accepted by the World.

How can anyone even get out if that web??  Most things are impossible for us lowly humans. The World overpowers us as do our demons. We are scared of what the World will do so we live a lonely existence, cuz no one knows you, and your life us way to busy you don't even know you.

Then we all have this screwy thing in our head that says we are good. We are smart, and we control the Universe, and I am going to show people I am special. I will do this one thing.

We aren't special. We are kinda like ants doing our jobs, cuz we are supposed to, and outside of your ant colony is something way different. It is better than anything you can imagine.

I found my way out of the rat race, and incomprehensible to me is I have to help others. It wasn't what I asked, and maybe not what I particularly wanted. I won life. I found the way, and life was good. Then it was all taken away, because it was deemed better I go in the loser's bracket to go for the win. This path is way harder, and way scarier. It wasn't easy, because I wasn't walking by sight. I had to go through a lot of things, and I did. I survived the loser bracket, and ended up winning. The loser bracket is a bracket of learning, and a bracket of humility.

So when I get home from work, and I ponder what now should I do??  Should I sit outside, although it is a million degrees outside. Should I watch a tv series on netflix??

I just sat in my chair, and did nothing. My heart was fine, and content by me doing nothing, and I wasn't bored.

I wish you could see how things look outside the ant colony. You would not be disappointed, but if only there was a way. Obviously humans are not strong enough to escape. If only there was some help. If only there was someone to teach us this stuff.


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